DBXV for DBDevolution:
(combination of DBXV & DBXV2)
Future Warrior for Saiyan and Freezer saga (base form and Kaioken) Power: 2; Speed: 1 and Energy 2/Kaioken: Power: 3; Speed: 2; Energy: 2
Xeno Trunks: SS, SS3
Xeno Trunks: Power; Speed and Energy 3, SS: Power; Speed and Energy: 4, SS3: Power, Speed and Energy: 5.
(Portraits by: Steven Camero; mejorados un poco por mi)
Xeno Trunks SSG: Base form; SSG (pronto)

-Future Warrior (3hp/3ki) vs Xeno Trunks (4hp/4ki) //NO Transformations (30 secs) [Provitional Stage: Break Wasteland]
The Dragon Balls were gathered by Trunks to request the help of a hero who can help him in his task of being the Time Patroller
Fight Trunks in a practice match and show that if you are able to be a Time Patroller

-Future Warrior & Piccolo vs Raditz  //NO Transformations [Stage: Paprika Wasteland]
Raditz, Goku's brother, arrived on Earth, but the got an increase in power that shouldn't have happened, Goku and Piccolo are serius in trouble
Fight alongside Piccolo to weaken Raditz, so that Goku sacrifices himself to kill the Saiyan.

Saiyan Saga: [All Battle Stages: Gizard Wasteland]
-Future Warrior , Yamcha (long hair) & Tien  vs 8 Saibaimans & Nappa  //NO Kaioken for FW
the Saiyan have arrived on Earth, the Z warriors decide to confront them, The amount of Saibaimans is greater than what originally should exist
Fight alongside Tien and Yamcha to defeat the Saibaimans.

-Future Warrior & Goku  vs Turles  //NO Transformations
Goku after dying with Raditz was revived with Dragon Balls, this when he tries to reach the battlefield is intercepted by a mysterious warrior.
Fight alongside Goku until the reinforcement arrives.

-Future Warrior, Krillin & Kid Gohan vs Nappa //Nappa starts with damage skin
The battle against that Mysterious Saiyan distracted Goku long enough so that he could not reach the battlefield in time, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha and Chaotzu ended up dying in the battle against Nappa.
Defend Gohan and Krillin so Nappa doesn't kill them, while Goku and Vegeta begin their fight.

-Future Warrior & Goku vs Vegeta & Nappa //Goku uses Kaioken, Nappa starts with damage skin
The battle between the Saiyan raised on Earth against the Saiyan Vegeta and Nappa has begun, the Saiyans have an increase in power that in the original story was not present
Kill Nappa and help Goku fight against Vegeta.

-Future Warrior & Goku false SS vs Vegeta //NO Transformations, Vegeta starts with damage skin.
After killing Nappa, you prepare to fight alongside Goku to defeat Vegeta, everyone is in the worst conditions.
Defeat Vegeta to restore history.

From now on, I have only planned what battles would be interesting to see in the following sagas, if you, Mr. Txori, consider this project a good idea, I will deal with the texts of the battles according to the amount of HP and Ki that characters must have for battle
also to create some characters if necessary
-Thank you very much in advance

[Freezer Saga]:
-FW, Krillin y Gohan vs Ginyu force (no guldo) //namek
-FW (ginyu body), Goku y Vegeta vs yeice, guldo y ginyu //namek
-FW & Trunks Xeno vs Slug y Turles (ambos Xeno) //namek
-FW vs Mira (solo la forma base) //namek
-FW y GokuSS vs Freezer100% y Cooler forma final //namek destruido

[Cell Saga]:
-FWSS, Piccolo (kami) & Trunks (armor) vs C-16; C-17; C-18 & Cell imperfect //islands
-FWSS; Tien & Yamcha vs 8 cell Jrs //cell arena
-FWSS & Teen Gohan (SS) vs Cell perfect & 4 Metal Coolers //cell arena
-FWSS & Trunks Xeno vs 9 Metal Coolers //New Namek [90 secs]
-FWSS & Teen Gohan (SS2) vs Cell (super-perfect) //cell arena

[Androids Saga] //al fights in ruined city
-FWSS & Future Gohan vs C-16
-FWSS; Trunks Xeno & Future Gohan vs C-14, C-15 & C -13
-FWSS & Trunks Xeno vs Mira & Xeno bardock
-FWSS & Future Trunks vs C-17 & C-18
-FWSS & Future Trunks vs C-16 & Cell perfect

-G.D Org

Hi GD. I have a bit of time today to review a few things in the forum.
Your story is interesting. I never played Dragon Ball games since... Super Butoden 2... tongue
Is your story accurate?

Si, es una historia precisa, aunque es una versión abreviada y levemente modificada de la saga DBXenoverse, pues decidí tomar las batallas que podrían ser interesantes y que no sean tan iguales a las batallas que ya existen en el modo historia de la Saga Z ya disponible en Devolution.

Me alegra que considere que la historia es interesante, gracias Sr. Txori por tomarse el tiempo de leer la propuesta  big_smile

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