In the DBS Anime, Goku learned to counter Hit's time-skip by blocking where he thought Hit would attack before Hit used the Time Skip. As such, I think that if you're blocking when Time Skip is used, you should keep blocking while the Time Skip is active, instead of just reverting to a standing position as you do currently. Of course if you were punched on the opposite side that you're facing, the block wouldn't work.

Something which would also be appreciated if you think it's needed is the ability for dash attacks to work during the Time Skip. Currently they do not affect the enemy, which leads to the AI sometimes dashing back and forth on your character and doing nothing. Perhaps doing a dash attack would end the Time Skip prematurely.

How exactly does his time skip work? Ive noticed its different from Guldo's

Well, other than the lore surrounding it and the visual effects, it's mechanically the exact same as Guldo's time stop, really. It just stops time for as long as the user has enough energy to hold the technique.

Hit doesn’t actually stop time, he skips time. Guldo holds his breath and stops time at the moment of holding his breath, Hit skips ahead and so Goku can block even if he wasn’t blocking before Time Skip was activated. I don’t know if that would be possible to implement into the game.
But both Guldo and Hit’s time abilities in the game don’t allow for blocking even if you blocked before.
I think the user of any time stop in the game should be able to shoot Ki blasts so that you can do actual good damage instead of simple attacks so it’s actually useful.

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