Yes, I know I left a lot of stuff out, but in the story, I gave credit to the users who made backgrounds and stuff. Kaioken Goku was made by Lego239, and the backgrounds were made by Michael A. I respect those guys for that, and this took me some time to produce in this game. It's actually pretty alright, considering there's only 3 stories because I didn't want to take too much time on it and hurry to get it out. I know that beaten SSJ Goku does a little jig at the thing, that's because there's less animation for the "Introduction" thing. If there any bugs, or any things wrong with it, please comment on this. Oh yeah, I do know that KKX20 Goku's hair flies up, but that should be alright, and if Goku doesn't go Super Saiyan for the first time, yet you're trying, get his health to a 50% ratio.

Here ya go! … go239/file

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I was intrigued by the story but the fact that I could not prove it because it appears to me that there are missing characters.
Could you pass them to me please, I want to try the story. wink

faltan los personajes

Well, there's basically only Goku and Frieza. I've worked on a different character and story for that character, so stay tuned. It may come out soon. I only worked out on 3 episodes of the story on this because this was certainly a test, and one of my first tries. I've gotten better to know how the characters work, and how everything is optionized. Stay tuned! big_smile

Oh yeah, what did you guys mean by there's missing characters? Did you mean like there's no other characters in the story that are needed, like Gohan, Piccolo, and the rest, or are the Goku's and Frieza's gone?

not what I mean is that you passed the story and not the characters so that the story can be used

So I have to get individual slots for each character? Are you serious?

  • Open BASTON in a New incognito browser (shift+Ctrl+n).

  • Put in it only the files you need to run your story (fighters, even Goku, backgrounds, story itself).

  • Export your whole story as a single zip file from the collection screen.

Details were explained two years ago: … -et-decors