It seems that sometimes the adversary ends up with 0 HP and yet, the fight never ends.
Can you help find out when is it happening?

Please explain how do you get to that:
Is that the last fighter?
Does that happen on both sides (client and host)?
What did you do as a last attack: punch, ki blast, other?

Everything is important to help me find out what's going on. Thanks.

It seems that since the beginning of the week (I noticed this on Tuesday), if you play online mode with any other user and "kill" the enemy fighter he is moving and charging ki blasts, and only can be killed by winning a ki clash (I asked some users to do this to check it) or full energy charged Spirit bomb or massive damage output attacks. But, recently (today) he (the 0 hp fighter) cannot attack you in close combat or with ki blasts (that happened to me in the last 4 combats in online today). I asked other users and my rivals I battled with this week and all of them have the same issue (they tell me that I was with 0 hp and moving around so it affects both players). And something important, when you manage to win somehow at the end the screen message say "wins" instead of "user name wins" as usual. Cheers guys.

Ran into it twice today, not sure what caused it. The first time it happened when I killed them due to punching them, however they weren't able to move for a few seconds before they lost all HP, so they may have lost connection before it happened. The second time I killed them with a KI beam, and after they lost all their HP they still moved around for a few seconds, but without any animations. Important to note that we were doing a 3v3 battle at that time, though their character didn't change.

Ok, I maybe I'm onto something...
Do the problem occurs only for player 2 (client, right side of the screen) or also for player 1 (host)?

Report from Hoa:

Both of us encountered 0HP bug in the first round, and in the next two rounds I used Jaco and Frieza and won.
iiMioX also saw me win the second and third rounds.
So there were no 0 HP bug in the second and third rounds, as the game timer was set to 30 seconds and neither of us died.
I’m the host for all three rounds and my opponent is iiMioX. He/She is from Algeria and I'm from Hong Kong. That's might be the reason for the bad connection as we are physically too far from each other.

If you experience the 0HP bug, please give me precise report like that one here. Thanks.

All right, from the few matches between plotarmor66 (host) and okaeo (client), the 0HP bug seems to only appear for player 2... But I really need to be sure about that!

So if you happen to have that bug, please take a screenshot and post it here.

And also tell me:

  • Who were the two player

  • Who was hosting

  • Who got the bug

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: bug also occurs for player 1... hmm

so you asked to copy paste my knowledge to here right?
so here's what i said:

sometimes on other player screen have 3 bar hp or above while his opponent sees him 0 hp
so in other words, we can't avoid 0 hp bug
except if the timer runs out fast

but we also don't have a clear winner
it will be like in my computer screen          : okaeo wins
in Horia (example name)  computer screen: Horia wins
or in computer screen that someone loses just skipped the ... wins part

and we 40% can avoid ki clash freeze
and its not 100%

and about the ki clash freeze with the timer,
you are having the bug, your opponent hp is less then you
then the timer ran out so it will say : (you) wins!

Hi Txori,
On yseterday, you requested me to test the 0HP bug with WizzboiJr.:
"Hoa, OR, keep the infinite time and make tests to see if the bug happens with basic punch, dash attack, ki blasts and ki clash. Then post your useful report in the forum big_smile"
So we did the test and here's the thing we did yesterday...

The setting:
Both of us played online mode with normal NAT as well as used the incognito window of Google Chrome as the gameplay browse.
I'm from Hong Kong while WizzboiJr. is from Florida, so there must be some degree of connection delay between us.

How we tested:
At first,
Host = Hoa
Client = WizzboiJr.,
The client killed the host with basic punch first, then the host killed back the client with basic punch.
Next, we continued to kill each other with this same sequence (Client kill Host first, then Host kill Client) but changing the way we kill (basic punch->dash attack->ki blasts->ki clash)

Then, we exchanged the identity of host and client, thus right now,
Host = WizzboiJr.
Client = Hoa
We repeated exactly what we did when Host = Hoa & Client = WizzboiJr..

The result:
After a long time for testing, I found two principles of how this 0HP bug occur...
When Client Kill Host, 0HP bug shows on Client while Host see the winning screen;
On the other hand, when Host Kill Client, 0HP bug shows on Host while Client see the winning screen
*This means that only the winner will encounter a 0HP bug!!!
Another principe is that the occurance of 0HP bug does not affected by how it ends (host/client get killed by basic punch/dash attack/Ki blast/Ki clash)

Besides, we found another issue as well:
We have found that sometimes the damage caused by one person may not be exactly the same as the damage received by another (I believe this is due to connection delay)

Based on the above information, I got a hypothesis that may be incorrect:
I personally believe that the 0HP bug would occur in both side when KI blast battles occur between players (both players keep dodging) and there's a connection delay between them. I will try my best to explain my thoughts if I have enough time.

Hoping the result is helpful to you. By the way, I keep most of the screenshots of testing, and I can upload them if needed.

All right, again, I just uploaded a new version of DBDevolution that should fix the 0HP bug. This time, I'm quite sure it is repaired. Could you guys test it and tell me if the 0HP bug is corrected?

I tested it MITAKA and found that the switching bug and 0HP bug are fixed, congratulation!!!

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Cool.I'm so glad, but I'm leaving this topic alive just in case...
Now I'm going to use the same code to send transformation, close combat and ki struggle events correctly. Then I'll get to special powers !!!
This is finally taking shape  cool

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