Some people are complaining that they always have (or maybe sometime) the "null" name bug.
It's when the adversary name is displayed as "null" in the fighter selection screen.

If you happen to have that bug, please give me intelligence report about what's going on:
Give me the information that are displayed just under the game for both players:

Détection de votre configuration pour le mode ONLINE:
Chrome ✔️
Symmetric NAT

And provide information about your country location and the speed of your connection using

Every bit of information is very important for me in order to comprehend what's going on on your side of the screen. Thanks for your help!

All right, after several tests with okaeo, it seems that this problem is coming from the fact that we are both behind Symmetric NAT. So everything is normal, right now the connection can't be achieved if both players are behind Symmetric NAT. It's written just under the game.

Anyway, this bug seems to also be related to the gray screen bug, just after one press the connect button.

So HOST player will get the null bug and will be stuck at team setup screen, while the other player will be stuck at the gray screen.

But maybe that's not the case every time... So if this bug is happening to you and you are behind a Normal NAT, please take a screenshot and post it here.

Thanks !

Ce bug vient d'arriver entre Son Vegehan et ctm qui ont tous les deux un Normal NAT. Mais Son Vegehan est derrière un VPN. Je tiens peut-être une piste !!!

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