I want a function where I can export already existing characters within the game so I can use the sprites as a basis to create my own things for example I want the ichigo sprite sheet so I can use that to create my own bankai ichigo, id also modify the characters attacks and abilities to be more fitting for my own enjoyment, im sure there are others who’d feel the same about this being implemented

Dude, I love all your suggestions for the game !, but the problem would be that txori can see your suggestions and take them into account, it would also take a lot of time and dedication to add all your suggestions to the game, but I support this because I would also like to have some of those ideas of yours in the game.

yea i understand that these suggestion require alot of time and effort to implement but im just throwing ideas they can implement overtime i dont expect the programmers to drop everything and add these, if they need lots of time i can wait

Not sure the one who draws Ichigo would be glad to see people stealing his sprites, coloring their hairs and pushing it back here as their own. I don't say that is what you are going to do. But 99% of players will do that...  hmm

You only have to look at all the Gokus and Vegetas that use the same sheets with other colors for the forms to understand that it's not a good idea to allow that for every character. But there could maybe be an option to get the chars makers social medias, but I'm not sure about that neither

Adding a social media link as a signature is in interesting idea. I'm writing that smile