Hey, this is my first time writing an idea. I've played the game for a while now but I had no clue there were forums

please correct me if this the wrong place to post ideas.

I generally don't mind the simple gameplay of Devolution, but there is one thing I dislike about it; The flying controls. The flying controls always make my hand ache and never seem to work when I want them too. That's why I propose this idea, a "sprint button". With a sprint button air movement and combat will be generally easier and more intuitive. I normally find that when my opponent is blocking there is little to nothing I can do about it. I could try a dash attack to break there guard, but it never works and always leads to me getting hit. Double tapping the movement keys is way too hard and unless you really practice you will always run into issues.

This could just be a personal thing, but i'm curious to see if others share the same sentiment.

No. Dragon Ball Devolution is simple because there are only two buttons.
Furthermore, keyboards and Flash don't handle more then 3 or 4 keys pressed at the same time, so adding a "new" key would block everything.
You could also play with a gamepad if tapping keyboard is too hard for you. Just read the text right under the game.

BTW, I changed your topic name to something related to your content.

Sí amigo, compartimos la misma idea/sentimiento. Me pasa lo mismo y es estresante hmm, por esa razón a veces dejo de jugar o reinicio la partida.

Sería buena idea esa tecla nueva para un dash más efectivo, pero conociendo a Txori no estoy seguro de que sea agregada; y además que por ahora está trabajando en otras cosas y dudo que quiera tener doble trabajo.


El mensaje de Txori salió primero... Y pues, parte tiene razón, flash no permitirá tal cosa, así que lo que queda es seguir jugando así, tristemente.

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