Hi everyone! I played a lot in online mode and two of the characters that always gives me trouble are Ginyu and Ginyu Goku. No idea why, but every time my opponent chooses one of these after suffering a 20%-50% loss of hp Ginyu becomes invisible and begins to attack with ki blasts that are in an unfinished state (ghost-bright blue than blinks) and by doing that ki blast is the only way I can figure out where is positioned Ginyu.
Sometimes Ginyu dies, but in others he just stays there like an unkillable foe. Is anyone having this issue too?

If ginyu swaps bodies while the other is transforming, then ginyu becomes invisible.

I tried to reproduce that bug using two computers at the same time. But the only thing I managed to do is to teleport Ginyu to his opponent position while he was transforming. So there is definitely some weird things going on here. I hope that resolving this will also resolve the invisible bug.

Ok. Donc je pense que ça vient du fait que les deux joueurs modifient les coordonnées de l'adversaire et que ce n'est pas compatible avec l'envoie des coordonnées en même temps via internet. Il faut que je réfléchisse à comment gérer tout ça...