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1. Heavy attacks

maybe you can add  ' heavy attacks ' ? , they are the same as normal attacks but way Stronger and Slower , you press z to perform a ' heavy attack ' , i really want this because you may be able to do some cool combos with it

2. Stamina Bar

Someone actually suggested this before , basically when you dodge or transform you will lose stamina , when you reach 0 stamina you will be stunned for 1.5 - 2 seconds , t he stamina bar slowly fills up on its own over time

Note : you will need 1 stamina bar to transform and 1.5 to use something like the genkidama or the Makankōsappō

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1- No new buttons.

2- Discussion about stamina is here:
No need to create another one. If you have good examples of working stamina bar in other games, you are welcome to talk about that. And I mean other games, DBZ games aren't good examples of stamina bars...

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