Moro in this game has a purple aura in all his forms, the coloured DBS manga has revealed that Prime Moro, Moro 73 and Ultra Instinct Moro 73 all have orange auras. Drained and old Moro has this like SS Rosé kind of aura, and Moro in his fight with Grand Kaioshin in Boo's body has a purple-indigo aura, but this version of Moro is the only one not in the game right now lol.

This is his aura in his oldest and first form

This is his aura in his "Restored" or "Prime" form.

And he keeps this colour for Moro 73 (and for some reason his UI form also has an orange aura which just annoys me)

His ki blasts are all purple though regardless of his form except his yellow mouth blasts but whatever, so keep his blasts purple.

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Thanks for the insight. It's corrected for the next release.
I know I was missing a Moro somewhere big_smile