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Got This Double Bug while making my video for the Trunks Saga. Changed Quickly Between Characters and you may see, my Character (Bulma) becomes invisible; the COM also performs another common Bug where the Head of the Ki Blast will detach from its line.

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Technical Info:
Playing Story Mode - Super Saga - C4E15
Version 211012
OS: Win32 (Game Registers it but its a x64 arch.)
Browser: Chrome 96

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Testing the Quick Swap Bug itself, this will contistenly happen and can be easily recreated. Seems to only Happen with the Bulma (DBZ) Character in the C4E15.

This Bug wont happen on Versus Mode or in the other Instance where we play with Bulma in our roaster; C4_E0_.

By the other Hand, i do not think the Deatched Head from Ki Blast Bug needs any explanation; easily recreatable by using Piccolo Special Power and dashing.

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