Time, Space, and Reality. It's not just a linear path. It's a prism of endless possibility, where a single choice or event can branch out into many possible scenarios, creating alternate timelines from the ones we know.

Some worlds center around a certain person choosing a different outcome, while others are done by a change of nature itself. One could guess where the story goes when a single change were to occur. Only one question remains in all of that.

"What If"...

Choose the path wisely. Any decision made will give life to a new world to come.

What story should be first?

¿Que historia? ¿A qué quieres llegar con tu "multiverso"?

Any story is welcome as long as it can be possible.

No stories about Deku having this outrageous quirk unless it involves All For One.

deku going to one piece and being a marine going up the ranks until he become a admiral

Also no crossovers into other anime

Since nobody has come up with any good what ifs, I've decided to make a poll.

Place your vote via reply.

1: What If Quirks and Roles were the opposite
2: What If Quirks were actually advanced Technology
3: What If One For All was never formed

It seems we now have two stories chosen, but only one may be featured. This shall be determined with a simple way. Whoever can make a decent Alternate Version of a character in their respective timeline will determine the fate.

Choose wisely and provide the right details.

hello lego239 it's me leonelfarias15 if you want to make a story of the first season of boku no hero