Add a counter on the screen to show how many enemies you beat in fight, also add a highscore on the arcade menu. Something like this:



Deux solutions à ce problème :

Super facile :
Enregistrer le record et avec quel personnage on l'a établi.

Compliqué :
Enregistrer un record par personnage. Le problème étant que le nombre de personnages ne fait qu'augmenter à chaque nouvelle version. On se retrouve donc avec exactement le même problème qui a valu au déblocage de personnages d'être supprimé du jeu...

Je pense que je vais partir sur la solution simple. Et peut-être par la suite enregistrer les meilleurs scores sur le serveur pour les joueurs ayant un compte Txori.

257 - Ats - Mr. Poop
234 - Toyotaro_fan_with_a_long_name_689 - Moro
189 - Goku455 - Vegeto (DBS)

I'm currently working on that. If you are a DEV or a GOLD user, please refrain from filling bug reports about the Arcade Mode screen until I say it's done. Thanks big_smile

All right, I have something working for the beta cool
Please try it, so we can consider the thing to be bulletproof before working on the look of it.

I need to add the test of the saved fighter name, in case it has been changed from one version to another. Otherwise, it will display the error portrait.

I'm also using the Timer as a counter for the number of enemies defeated.

Well, the counter works fine for me (I don't know if that was what you asked us to see) I still haven't reached 100 defeated fighters...

Yeah, just trying out the counter during the fight, and check of the top ten showing up on the arcade screen is working wink

Everything seemed fine to me, the counter on top of is so cool

And thanks again for letting me use Gold to test it big_smile