Hola, se que no hablo mucho por aquí y el desarrollo de está historia está convirtiéndose en uno de los mejores del juego, me preguntaba si podríamos agregar el combate donde kyabe entrena a kaulifla y kale.

y también el combate en que goku entrena con whis. big_smile

It is maybe the wrong topic, as in here we talked about the two last chapter and not "THE MIGHTY TEN", but the first looks a good idea (even I wondered why it was not in the story mode), and the second I don't know, it is not really necessary. In fact the first is also unnecessary, because "THE MIGHTY TEN" could allow only fights happening in Universe 7, but why not.

I moved your discussion where it belongs.

Why not. They can either be in the story, or as a challenge, such as the fight between the Ginyu Team VS Z fighters on King Kai's Planet.