A Cold-Blooded Assassin
(What If from DBZ Budokai 1)


Galaxy Battle
(What If fron DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3)


Revolting Soldiers
(What If from DBZ: Battle of Z)


Beautiful Treachery
(What If from DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2)


PS: In the future I will continue to propose more interesting What If from the Dragon Ball video games

I thought of something, from Xenoverse 2

Last resort against Broly!


(Gogeta would be SSB, Kefla would be SSJ, Jiren would be in Full Power, Broly would be LSSJ)

DBGamer, I didn't find any fight named "Last resort against Broly!" from Xenoverse 2. What's your source???
Or is that part of the main story that will be included at some point in DBDEV??

Also, from now on, new ideas will go there:

La batalla que sugiere DBGamer es precisamente un combate del modo historia de unos DLCs del DBXV2  hmm

That's what I thought...
Thanks Kuro wink