Before making a comment, I would like to clarify that I am from Latin America and I am using the translator. I am mentioning this because there may be things that are not very well understood.

I think more than one gets excited when there is a new Dragon Ball Devolution update, like new characters, more transformations, etc... but something that has happened to me lately is that very weak characters almost or kill extremely strong characters, recently I did a fight between the com between Gohan from the future and Broly and Gohan beat Broly lssj while in base form, also it is not the first case that happens to me, it seems to me that they would have to change the format of power levels, because there are fights which seems ridiculous to me, also making a 100% perfect Cell fight Vs Gohan Mystic from dragon ball Z, Cell wins, it does not make sense, I would like them to implement more power bars or make a different format, I know it can take a long time, but I would change the perspective of the game totally making it more realistic. Greetings to all

Sorry, but if you want a dragon ball rpg with boring numbers, instead of a fighting game, you are on the wrong website.
Power levels are just plain numbers. They are boring and irrelevant. No technique, nor fun. And changing those numbers with bigger numbers will not make the game funnier to play. It's an action game. Not a simulator.
Even Akira Toriyama himself said that introducing power levels with the scouters was a bad idea, in the end.

En otros juegos como MUGEN también se pueden ver qué un Gohan del futuro es capaz de ganarle a un Goku Ultra Instinto.

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