I think it would be cool if you were able to do stage destruction by blasting the ground with specific attacks. Attacks like the Spirit Bomb, Frieza's Death Bomb and Vegeta's Final Flash will change the stage into a more destroyed variant of itself.


  • Throwing a Spirit Bomb on Namek will change the stage into the "Dying Namek" stage

  • Each major super attack will change the "Tournament Of Power" stage into the more destroyed version of it. Starting with the normal "Tournament Of Power" then "Tournament Of Power- Cracked" and ending with "Tournament Of Power- Destroyed"

I think this would be a cool addition that increase the emmersion of the game, making it more like the show big_smile

Twice the work. Twice the size. And this will break the Story mode.

But it's interesting. But NOT before I prevent people from throwing as much Spirit Bombs as they want.