Hey, I had the idea when I saw the request for adding missing fights in "Mighty Ten".
Maybe, for some fights that aren't that important, and for Kale vs Cabba and Caulifla (because it's more interesting in terms of story to make her LSS appearance in the tournament), we could add a "Side Stories" to the story mode. It would add some secondary fights or additionnal fights.

For example, we could have those ones :

Kid Gohan vs Dinosaur
Piccolo, Piccolo vs Piccolo, Piccolo
Krillin, Yamcha vs Tien, Chiaotzu
Nappa, Vegeta (scouter) vs Arlian Monster, Arlian Soldier, Arlia King

Instead of being challenges or filling the story mode, they could be side stories as there were in Dragon Ball Z : Infinite World.

Then I thought about a Side Story mode inside Story Mode, where side stories are ordered by saga, in chronological order.

This is a great idea! I personally love the Story Mode, and this saves up slots in the main stories.

Moreover, as we planned many secondary characters the system may be useful to make them having a role in their story (like Arlian people).