This idea is about tracing the ancient shock of Dev. Do you remember it? You had to press a button before the AI to win. Well, with that concept, I improved it and made it more complex.

It is a button system, but first, let's put ourselves in a situation.

JP1 and COM.

First, it will be your turn, two possibilities may appear, C or X, in any case you have to press it before the time runs out, there is a chance that the AI will dodge or protect, in that case comes the second phase. You will have to press the directional arrow that is indexed before hypothetically the AI pressed X or C. If you do, it will return to the first phase. Now, they will ask, where is the difficulty? What if it's about doing the same thing until the IA loses? Of course not my child, the thing is that when you go back to phase 1, the time to tighten X or C will be lowed, and the time to tighten some directional, too, until it is impossible to tighten how fast it ends, obviously this applies to the AI making each time less likely to defend (Obviously this also influenced by the difficulty of the game), thus making them more frenetic and fun, instead of pressing X as if you had a syndrome.


JP1 and JP2.

The same, when you have appeared, this time, 2 buttons, what will they do? Well, one is your defense and another attack, this is an attack and an attack. Something of advantage to the other, that yes, that penalty will go diminishing with happening of the phases.

Possible questions.

-What happens if against a Com I do not press the attack button in time?
- It will just happen to turn to attack automatically.

-And if in a player vs. player not pressing, attack or defend on time?
- In the case of not attacking and the other and the defense, its turn to attack, and the case of not defending and the attack already pressing, will lose the one that will not defend and will have the corresponding damage.

-How does the damage received at the end work?
-The damage is measured by how many hits and how many have defended me, I explain.
If he has been attacked 5 times and defended 4, and in the end he wins, the opponent will have the damage equivalent to the times that have been given 4 consecutive hits plus a little more damage, thus being able to remove a life bar.

And what happens if none of the 2 players presses a button?
-Simply, it will separate, and it will go away a little.

Ugh, this idea if you've been difficult to write and write, like sea. Do tell this to Txori or whatever, I do not know.

We already tried that. It's not as fun as what you would expect it to be. So we went for something simpler: hit attack key, like what is happening on the screen.

The gameplay with the arrows was removed because at the time, Flash was working good on Android, and it was not compatible with touchscreen.

Also, there are some problems with "X" and "C" as this can be changed in the setup screen.

But there are some interesting ideas in what you wrote, even if it's very hard to read what you wrote... (Please write in your own language, using simple sentences). I keep your explanations in mind and see if I can come up with something.