I checked, and base DBS Goku's full power spirit bomb appears to have a 100% instant kill rate  on all characters. Could you balance this? Thanks!

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So I checked the source, and yes, Spirit Bomb deals a great amount of damage...

    Name    Size    Speed        Ki        Power        Damage
spiritBomb    16    16        100 to 500    ki*1.4        140 to 700
spiritBomb    24    14        100 to 500    ki*1.4        140 to 700
spiritBomb    30    12        100 to 500    ki*1.4        140 to 700
spiritBomb    44    10        100 to 500    ki*1.4        140 to 700
spiritBomb    60    08        100 to 500    ki*1.4        140 to 700

(Power = amount of Ki charged to make the ball)
I can deal a different amount of damage depending on the Spirit Ball size, instead of always ki*1.4

What do you suggest?

Yes, that would be a good idea, seeing as you can pull off a half-powered spirit bomb in a couple of seconds. Also, how about you lower the damage done by a full power spirit bomb? I realise that it is canonically the move that killed Buu, and is therefore overpowered in its existence, but it takes way too quick to pull off successfully. As I said, either you could lower the damage done by the spirit bombs, or you could increase the time it takes to charge up a full power one.


Yes, that's what I'm saying. So what multiplicator do you suggest per Genkidama size?
Right now it's 1.4 for each.

I'm not exactly sure about how that (the multiplicators) works. Does 1.4 on all of them mean the ki required is the same? I am very confused. I apologise, I am not experienced in the coding of games at all.
Also, I see that it says damage 140-700 on all of them. Does that mean that the damage of every spirit bomb is variable? If not, feel free to tell me I'm being stupid.
Thanks! smile

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