Here I have the solution to put Goku Super Saiyan in the character Goku (DBS)
All you have to do is put a number below the others.

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I mean realistically he should have all the SS forms as he does us them all in the series, with the only form that could be cut being SS3 as he rarely used it, like twice I think, and you could recreate the Goku Jiren fight and have Goku go through each form excluding 3, but having 3 in it would also be good.
And with your solution it makes it possible to have 9 forms, or even 10 and 11 if he has SSB Kaioken, x10 and x20 as seperate forms.

Hi, I thought about the same thing, it seems like a very good idea, I think if txori approves it, we will have to draw it big_smile  wink

LeonGjata, what do you mean by separate forms?

Es una idea demasiado simple.
Pero siendo que un sistema mas complejo que ese, como crear dos lineas alternas de transforamciones es poco viable, o almenos, no se ha discutido.

Creo que es lo que mejor funciona.

Solution 2: Two separate transformation lines.

I prefer your first mock-up.
But that's more a problem of memory than buttons. In full screen, there are already problems to render big sprite sheet with lots of transformations and special moves, so I'm not sure if the game can handle more. I'll test when I'll get there.

But please, continue to do mock-ups, that's interesting for later, when I'll work on that wink

By separate forms I mean having a SSB Kaioken form, then transform into x10, and then x20, just like in the series. Regular and x10 for the Goku that fights Hit (so I think that’s the RoF one) x10 and x20 for the one against Jiren (the DBS one, as he never uses regular Kaioken, but does use x10 during the Spirit Bomb clash before going to x20), it would be the same as a regular transformations in the game.

Third and last solution (I don't really know if it's the last one, I can't think of anything else lol ): We can make you add the Super Saiyan, 2,3, but it's not in the Database, only in the character. wink

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Sebas, that's impossible. The database IS the character.

Blue kaioken X10 and X20 would have to not affect Goku's damage speed or spirit as it would be hard to squish in extra power ups and give them stat boosts.

Entiendo lo complejo que debe resultar el manejar dos o mas sistemas de transformaciones simultaneas en un unico personaje..

No obstante, tomando en cuenta que el Goku que comprende la historia de la resurreccion de Freezer hasta la saga de Black Goku tiene almenos 7 transformaciones distintas (Esto sin tomar en cuenta el manga)
Veo unicamente dos posibilidades realmente viables

1- Acomodar dos lineas simultaneas de transformaciones para el personaje;
Para de esa manera, darle al jugador la posibilidad de manejar la linea evolutiva de poderes sin tener que cargar como 8 barras de ki consecutivas solo para tener el SSB/kaioken x10

Goku (Base) →Goku (SS) →Goku (SS2) →Goku(SS3)
Goku (Saiyan Beyond God)→Goku (SS God) →Goku (SS Blue)→(Goku SSB/kaioken x10) →Goku (SSB/kaioken x20)

2-Catalogar por sagas a Goku, de manera semejante a como se cataloga a Vegeta en la historia de DBZ.

*Goku (Beerus Saga)
Base→ SSj God→ SS
[Manga] Base→ SSj God→ Base

*Goku (Golden Freezer Saga)
Base →Saiyan Beyond God→SS Blue

*Goku (Champa's Tournament)
Base→ SS→ SS Blue→ SSB/kaioken x10→ SSB/kaioken x20
[Manga]Base→ SS→ SS God→ SS Blue

*Goku (Samazu saga)
Base→ SS→ SS Blue→ SSB/kaioken x10→ SSB/kaioken x20(Lo mismo del torneo de champa, pero con el atuendo clasico)
[Manga] Base→ SS→ SS God→ SS Blue→ SS Blue Full Power.

*goku (Tournament of power)
Base→ SS→ SS God→ SS Blue→ SSB/kaioken x10
Base→Ultra instinct→ Dominated Ultra instinct

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Goku doesn’t have Kaioken x20 in the Champa and Black arcs, only x10.

And Saiyan Beyond God isn’t really a thing anymore, it literally only showed up in the RoF movie version, as it’s stated that it’s SSG in base form, then turning into a Super Saiyan whilst a Saiyan Beyond God makes SSB.

But that’s been retconned now, and now Saiyan Beyond God has been replaced with the original SSG form now and doesn’t have two base forms anymore so if there were to be one character of DBS Goku with all transformations his second transformation line should skip straight to SSG instead of SBG.

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