Does the higher difficulty settings actually make the enemy AI any more difficult, or just make it harder to win beam and melee struggles? I'm wondering because I noticed that, when playing on God difficulty, it's literally impossible to win more button-mash struggles, even having much higher stats than the enemy. However, they don't seem to act any differently than they do normally. I can't really tell if the higher difficulty is actually making the AI smarter and harder to fight, or just buffing their ability to button-mash.

Difficulty works on the fighter power levels as a bonus just like that:

  • Easy -1

  • Normal 0

  • Difficult 2

  • God 4

So, if you play in God mode against a fighter that have

  • Power 4

  • Speed 2

  • Energy 3

It will be transformed to

  • Power 8

  • Speed 6

  • Energy 7

Just avoid beam struggle in God mode. It's almost impossible? Hence the name.