Putting myself to think, I have noticed that the forms (Br) of Goku and Vegeta do not contribute much, since they are very similar to the DBS versions, to which I propose these mixes so that instead of two similar versions we only have one

New Goku DBS


This new Goku would rescue the jacket that he uses at the beginning of the Broly movie, the transformations of SSG and SSB, while he would have the SSBK like the classic Goku DBS. In addition he would have the SSJ2 as a transformation, because in several fights in the saga this transformation is used.

On the other hand, the transforms of UI and the MUI would become an independent character as it was in the beginning, because it is not usually a common transformation, but a state that is only accessed from the base form.

The sprite sheet of this new goku DBS is already fully made, this new version was made mainly by Andrew48 who with the help of me and other DEVs has been made.

New Vegeta DBS


This new Vegeta is basically the classic Vegeta DBS, but in this new addition Vegeta Br's jacket would be the first form

(Also with this proposal the capacity of a limit of 6 character forms is used so that it is not something unique to a version of Goku)

If you consider the proposal, please advise so that you can send the sprite sheets of these new versions of DBS.

It wouldn't make sense. Goku from the movie Broly can't switch to Ultra Instinct, so for logic it's better to arrange the shapes for the moment.

You did not understand what I said, the new Goku DBS will NOT be able to be transformed into UI, in the referential image I show all the phases that this new version of the character would have

-ssj2 (a phase that uses a lot in DBS)

The UI and MUI would be a different character since Goku can only access the UI from the base form.

I'm really not sure about that. It will mean that each time we chose a DBS version of them, they will start with a green jacket...

yep, that's the only problem ... anyway not even in the DBS movie: Broly got to fight using the jackets so in themselves they were unnecessary forms serving to be eye-catching tongue

Like most of the clones you are currently making big_smile
Don't worry about Goku and Vegeta, let's keep them like they are, they will surely evolve with the new upcoming movie wink

Ok Txori  big_smile

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