About the aura of @RafaelSSJ

I remind the aura of cumber haves an special ability to makes mad the mortal warrios who tries fight Cumber.
https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Supe … _(Berserk)

Could we do something with this?
I think the aura should "stole" warriors when the player 2 try fights you using not god characters/angels.

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And how would that work in terms of gameplay?

Well. I think mechanically should work as the body change of Ginyu.
Placing the enemy character with the fighters of the player 1.

On DBH goku recovers conscience when he transforms into a god. So, if the player transforms his character into a godly form. The fighter comes back to the player 2

To make it more balanced. I think we could make the player 2 recovers his character if he attack physically a number of times the character during the gameplay (you know. That thing of make react a person punching him.)