Basicly, my idea is this. There should be destroyed maps for centain BG's incase of major beam clashes or special moves hitting the ground (Spirit Bomb, Stardust Breaker). I could help for this situation by making destroyed maps for some of the BG's in the game.

So these should pop up once a move like a Spirit Bomb hits the ground of the BG accidentally, changing the backgrounds.
This can be done with one script with the similarity of Babidi's special BG Change powers..

That is already on my huge to do list for ages. But it's not something very urgent.

"This can be done with one script"

No. It does not work like that. I would have to change the array that handle the stages to say if they have destroyed versions of themselves or not. Then handle that in the game with a lot more lines of code than just a "script".

(Also I changed your topic's name as concept #1 is not helpful)

se podría hacer unos pocos background destruidos, si se hiciera un background del espacio con partes de el planeta flotando, como las esferas del background de janemba, se aplicaría a todos los background de la tierra y los background de otros planetas serian similares pero con las diferencias de color o ambientación (arboles, y demás).

Well how does Babidi's stage changing technique work? I don't know how it works, but isn't it similar to that, just except doing random map it's specific ones?

eso solucionaría el problema de cambio de escenario, otra idea que le quisiera agregar es que después de 4 super ataques al suelo se active la técnica de babidi

How about being able to change the scenery to a damaged/ruins version, and then another attack to the planet will add a timer, when this timer runs out, the planet explodes, and the scenery becomes space, and only specific characters can breathe in space, so if your character can't breathe in space, they die.

So it will require having to code a breathe_space feature for characters like every Frieza race character, all the Gods of Destruction and Angels, Cell, Zen-Oh, Great Priest, etc, which may be difficult but really cool.

So for regular ki beams, 1 MAX power beam will change the scenery to damaged, a 2nd one will set the timer for planet destruction, a 3rd will end the timer early.

Spirit Bombs/Death Balls and Final Flash, 1 will skip to the ruins with the timer, a second will end the timer early.

but that would make many take the resource of destroying the planet to win, I don't know if it's such a good idea that only some characters can breathe in space for this reason.
it better for everyone to breathe in space or for the battle to end when the planet is completely destroyed.

I disagree, the fighters who can't breathe in space have the option to hold there breath. So for this You give them the Health and Ki drain while in space, this way they have a fighting chance.  smile

smile that would be a good idea.
problem is the ground, will it be a giant rock that is used as a soil or will it be an area where it can only be flown?

smile  eso seria una buena idea.
otro problema que se me ocurrió es el suelo, ¿sera una roca gigante que se use como suelo o sera un área en la que solo se pueda volar?

I think an area with no ground would be something interesting, and new. Although, how would fight clashes or dash attacks work? When you knock a enemy they get sent falling to the ground. but with no surface to fall into they are just falling from the screen.

Idea #1:with no ground, being knocked out of space could cause a map change, kinda like falling onto another planet. Still dont know how this would look.

Idea #2: add rocks/meteorites to crash into on the map instead of falling out of space without ground

Idea #3:create a ground but an invisible one so the characters still can touch ground but it will look like the bottum of the screen

Idea #4:create a ground made completely from stone or meteors in space

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It would be a good idea if it has gravity to take us to the top of the map, the parallel of the ground.
When a character is knocked out in space, it is blooming around (such as when you do a double jump/jump x2 in stick) and that when falling to the place where the ground should be going back to the top of the map.

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