Basicly, my idea is this. There should be destroyed maps for centain BG's incase of major beam clashes or special moves hitting the ground (Spirit Bomb, Stardust Breaker). I could help for this situation by making destroyed maps for some of the BG's in the game.

So these should pop up once a move like a Spirit Bomb hits the ground of the BG accidentally, changing the backgrounds.
This can be done with one script with the similarity of Babidi's special BG Change powers..

That is already on my huge to do list for ages. But it's not something very urgent.

"This can be done with one script"

No. It does not work like that. I would have to change the array that handle the stages to say if they have destroyed versions of themselves or not. Then handle that in the game with a lot more lines of code than just a "script".

(Also I changed your topic's name as concept #1 is not helpful)

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