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#1 2019-05-10 05:29:11


I love FighterZ

Hello everyone,,
This game is very well done and fun and addicting and creative and god I love it! It’s an extremely faithful adaptation to the most beloved anime of all time and my favorite growing up as a kid. It sports an astoundingly well balanced cast, an amazingly active community, a wonderful development team and frequent updates. The best part is, the dev. Team listens to us, and with every game bar a few exceptions here or there the game has just gotten better and better. We wanted more characters and we got it. We wanted a big update to change things up and make characters more unique and we got it. And not only that, the developers are clearly listening to us, and responding quickly. In Season 1 the number one complaint in the community was the lack of original moves or normals between characters, and every season 2 character afterwards were very unique. GT Goku, Videl, and Jiren all have unique movesets and super/ and require their own complex and rewarding combo routes. This game is already amazing, and every single time we get something new it gets better and better and we get more and more players. Now, I won’t ignore that there are a definitely some problems with the game. Netplay, the power of the Top Tiers, ragequit issue, and infrequent majors are all very valid complaints, and more problems are found every day. But no game exists without its flaws, and I think FighterZ makes up for those flaws ten times over.

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