Je viens de réparer et réactiver le mode de jeu Daily Chalenge. Il sera présent dans la prochaine version. Par contre nous manquons cruellement de challenges. Donc vous êtes libres de proposer des idées rigolotes.

Pour rappel, les challenges ne doivent pas forcément être en rapport avec Dragon Ball. Il faut utiliser les personnages de manière créative, lisez ces anciens articles pour comprendre:

La liste des challenges validés se trouve sur le DATA DOC, onglet Challenges.

Au passage, comme j'ai fusionné le mode Side Stories avec le mode Story, pour préparer l'arrivée de DBS/GT, j'ai transformé les deux derniers combats du mode Side Stories en Challenges dont je suis assez fier cool

Arale Battle Angel = Arale VS tous les androides
(Alita Battle Angel)

That's not canon! = Akira VS tous les personnages des OAV non canon

Voilà, n'hésitez pas à proposer des idées pour couvrir toute une année de challenges difficiles et rigolos smile

The Smurfs
Blue skin people (such as Vados) VS One bold Giant (the one from GT maybe? Or Hirudegarn first form)


Let's keep that idea for the time we'll have playable giants smile

Mmm tengo algunas ideas, que opinas?

"The Good, The Bad & the furries"
Goku (SSJ Blue) Vegeta (SSJ Blue)    VS    Goku (GT) & Vegeta (GT)

"Mirror Edge"
-Bardock (original) & Broly (original)   VS   Bardock (DBS) & Broly (DBS)

-Every Ginyu forces VS the Cooller army-

-The great saiyaman VS Katopesla-

"Black in Black"
-Black Goku VS Evil goku-
[Tu sabes, con goku (AF) dentro de DBZD, sera cosa de hacer un par de ajustes para tener tambien a Evil goku y su transformacion roja wink ]

Broly (original) & Broly (DBS)    VS    Goku (kaioken), Goku SSJ, Goku (False ssj) , Goku (SSj God), Goku Master, Goku (other world), Goku (SSJ Blue), Goku (ultra instict), Goku (GT), Goku (AF), Black Goku, Evil Goku.

The Good, The Bad & the furries
Nice one

Mirror Edge
Cool. You forgot about Paragus. But we need Broly (DBS) and Bardock (DBS).

Check the DATA DOC, it's already there since 2014: Battle of the Special Squadrons!!!

Same. We already have "Super Sentai" in the DATA DOC. But we can add Catopesra to it.
(Please uses dragonball.fandom official names, it's already complicated enough with all those names smile )

Black in Black
Evil Goku? Who is that? That one? … oku_(SSJJ)
Please don't confuse between dragonball.fandom and dragonballfanon.fandom. That last one is bullshit.

We already have "Kakarot... KAKAROT!!!" in the DATA DOC. But I like how you use each and every transformation of Goku. But we should keep only old Broly for team 1 as Broly (DBS) is not obsessed with Kakaroooooooot smile

I got several suggestions!

The Maximum Power
Zeno vs Broly (DBS), Goku (DBS), Vegeta (DBS), Jiren, Golden Frieza, Android 17 (DBS) And Gogeta (DBS).

Monkey vs... Monkey?!
Bubbles vs Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)

The Yellow Classic
Botamo vs Misokatsun

Failure or Success?!
Android 13 vs Android 19, 18, 16 and 17.

Give me my Throne Back!
Cooler and Salza vs Frieza's goons and Frieza.

Bardock vs Freeza's soldier & Freeza 1st form.

Gohan (Ado) vs 8 Piccolo (Kami)

Popo's Training (L'Entrainement de Popo)
Krillin & Yamcha & Tien & Chiaotzu vs Popo

Last Minute ! (Dernière Minute !)
Goku & Freeza & Android 17 vs Jiren (Rage)

Have Fun Freeza !(Amuse toi bien Freeza!)
Golden Freeza vs Toppo(Hakaishin) & Broly LSSJ (DBS) & Goku (Namek SSJ) & Vegeta Blue

Voila ! J’espère que vous aimerez big_smile
Je sais il y'a pas de Toppo pour l'instant, mais le dernier challenge est un peu pour le futur !

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Ci-dessous une petite sélection de combats auxquels j'avais pensés:

Beauty And The Beast
Zangya & Android 18 vs Yakon & Barbarian

Crazy Scientists!!!
Bulma vs Myuu & Gero & Kochin

Question Of Legacy
Tapion vs Future Trunks

Zeno's Lesson
Zeno vs Beerus & Broly DBS & Gogeta DBS & Vados & Whis

Racial Rivalry
Chilled & King Cold & Cooler & Frieza & Kuriza vs Bardock & Trunks Future & Vegeta SSJ & Goku & Onio

Burning Heat!!
Pikkon vs Nuova Shenron

Tsuful vs Saiyan!! Who's got the greatest potential??
Hatchyiak & Baby Vegeta vs Broly & Kale

Time Controllers
Guldo vs Hit & Whis

The Bald War!!
Krilin & Tien Shinhan & Master Roshi & Piccolo & Dende vs Nappa & Lord Slug &  Hit & Jiren & Zeno

Saiyans' wifes' inheritance
Gine & Chi-Chi & Bulma vs Videl & Future Mai

Demons' Fight
Dabura vs Mira

Black Magic
Babidi & Bibidi vs Hoi & Garlic Jr

Heroes' Battle
Mr Satan vs Great Sayiaman & Great Sayiawoman

Precocious saiyans
Goten & Trunks Kid vs Trunks Future Teen & Gohan Teen & Cabba

Mute Villains
Bio-Broly & Misokatsun & Cyclopian Guard & Saibamen & Kishime vs Janemba & Kid Buu & Evil Buu

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PLAYER TEAM: beerus as eva unit 01

                     tobi as eva unit 00
                      hatchiyack as eva unit 02


MAP : sasebo city

STATS: health and stamina max for both teams

Title: parents vs. children
player team: goku, vegeta, broly

enemy team:bardock, paragus, king vegeta

map: frieza"s spaceschip

You dare plan a rebillion on your creator!
You will be playing as: Akira
Your enemies: Gogeta (DBS) Beerus Vegito (DBS) Champa Vermoud Jiren Broly (DBS) Zeno
You will have 300 HP.
They will have 500 HP.

A Wonderful Chicken Dinner:

Any Saiyan, really. (I'd recommend Goku, Vegeta and Shugesh but it's up to you. I would say Beerus, but I'd feel the stats would be too skewed on that front.) vs Wings, Spice, Garlic Jr. and Nuova Shenron
They've Got a Gun!

Raditz vs Giru, Bulma, Resistance Soldier, Sui and Farmer w/Shotgun

World Conquest

Piccolo (1) v Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, Master Roshi + Chi Chi (End of Dragon Ball if Piccolo killed Goku)

Pile of Sludge

Copy Vegeta and Copy Gryll vs Bio Broly and Poop

The Super Folly
Goku False SSJ vs Freeza (Final Form)

Prum vs Misokatsun

Scum of the Universe
Black vs Sorbet, Bon Para, Ledgic, General Rildo and Broly (DBS, Stage 1)

Dance Class

Recoome vs Ginyu, Bon Para and Toppo

Hope From Otherworld

Goku (Otherworld) and Future Trunks vs Android 17, Android 18 and Cell (1st Form)

True God

Akira vs Zeno


Eis Shenron vs Vegeta (BR) and Goku (BR) (Stage 1)

Three Eyes Are Better Than...

Tien vs Cyclopian Guard, Paragus and Android 15 (Angry)

Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde

Fused Zamasu vs Fused Zamasu (Corrupted)

Usurping the Throne

Freeza (Final Form) and Cooler vs King Cold (and maybe some soldiers as well)

The Greatest Mercenary

Hit vs Ginyu and Ledgic

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Hermanos traicioneros!
Personajes:Androide 16,17 y 18 Vs androide 13,14 y 15

No soy quien buscas
Personajes:Androide 13 Vs Cell (primera forma)
Escenario:Paprika wastleland

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Dr. Gero VS Android 13, Android 14, Android 15, Android 16, Android 17, Android 18, Android 19 and Cell

Nappa, Cui, Dodoria, Zarbon, Appule, Android 19 and Pui Pui VS Super Vegeta

Guldo VS Hit

Bardock (DBS), Paragus (DBS), King Vegeta and Chilled VS Goku (BR), Broly (DBS), Vegeta (BR) and Golden Frieza

Chi-Chi, Bulma and Videl VS Goku, Vegeta And Gohan (Adult)

Shin VS Zamasu

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Mmmm solo un par de anotaciones a esto:

Creo que un nombre mejor seria: EL ASCENSO DE LAS MAQUINAS ("rise of the machines") Tu sabes, guiño a terminator wink

Estoy casi seguro que ya existe un combate como este hmm

Fuera de eso, los demas me gustan. smile

I still got it!: Master Roshi (Full Power) vs Broly (LSSJ) - Place: New Planet Vegeta - Master Roshi: 3 HP Bars and 3 KI Bars, Broly: 5 HP Bars and 5 Ki Bars.

The Evil Soul Punisher: Gogeta vs Dabura, Janemba, Mira, Towa and Super Buu - Place: Hell - Gogeta: 4 HP Bars and 5 KI Bars, The other Team: 4 HP Bars, 5 KI Bars.

The.. Dark Knight?: Black vs Vermoud - Place: Intergalactic World Tournament - Black: 4 HP Bars and 4 KI Bars - Vermoud: 5 HP Bars and 5 KI Bars (Reference to Batman and The Joker)

The Weakest Vs The Strongest: Mr. Satan (DBS) (Super Saiyan) vs Broly (DBS) (FPSSJ)- Place: Gizard Wasteland - Mr Satan: 1 HP Bars and 2 KI Bars - Broly: 5 HP Bars and 5 KI Bars

The Best Fusion Project: Super Android 13 vs Super 17 - Place: Glacier - Super Android 13: 4 HP Bars And 4 KI Bars - Super 17: 5 HP Bars and 5 KI Bars.

Super Man
Mr. Satan (DBS) VS Golden Frieza

Angry Wives
Bulma VS Chi-Chi

Space Explorers
Jaco VS Ginyu, Burter, Recoome, Jeice, Guldo

Goodness And Badness
Dabura VS Whis

Parent Quarrel
Bardock (DBS) VS King Vegeta

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Some ideas here:

Brother machine:
Mecha freezer vs Meta Cooler (or vice versa)

The revenge of the saiyans:
Tora, Fasha, shugesh and bardock vs Zarbon, dodoria and freezer (Final form)

Sword of evil:
Salza (final form) vs Black (final form) and zamasu (final form)

The revenge of the powerful Yamcha (Long Hair) vs 5 saibaman.

IT - Chapter One : Loosers vs Pennywise

Gohan (Ado) (Bill) / Goten (GT) (Eddie) / Gohan (Scholar) (Richie) / Videl (Beverly) / Onio (Ben) / Uub GT (Mike pour le faire plus habillé que Uub normal) / Cabba (Stanley) vs Pennywise (Vermoud) / Yamcha (DB) (Henry Bowers)

Lieu : Mei Queen Castle (égouts)

HP / Ki : Loosers : 1HP / 1Ki - Yamcha (DB) : 2HP / 1Ki - Pennywise / Grippe-Sous : 5HP/5Ki
Time : 0

J'espère que ce challenge sera accepté et apprécié par beaucoup (oh oui je le pense). Joyeux fight, l'avenir de Derry est entre vos mains. wink

Edit by Txori: OK


Yamcha vs Bardock

Lieu : Plant

KI / Vie : Joueur = 100 et 100 et Bardock = 400 et 400

P.S. J'espère que ceux qui n'aident pas aident Txori sinon ça se fait pas vous avez rien à faire ici, il fait des mises à jour qu'on aime bien donc il faut faire quelque-chose qu'il aimerait bien aussi. Et je ne souhaite pas que ce challenge soit mis avant qu'il ait assez d'argent.  mad

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Came up with something, thought it was neat.

Lord Slug's soldier VS Barbarian, Yakon, Wings, Frieza (1st Form) and Janemba.


Très bon challenge, bizarre que je n'y ai pas pensé avant vu mon implication dans DOOM lol … 8951428817

Essayez de le terminer, j'y ai peut-être été un peu fort sur la difficulté. Aussi, je trouve que le chargement de laser prend trop de temps. Pas vous ?

I'll post as many ideas as I can think of (that are actually good ones) I might post more if some of these are considered good enough.

Three years too late
King Cold/Mecha Frieza VS Dr. Gero/Android 19/Piccolo (Nail)/Krillin/Tien/Vegeta (SSJ)
King Cold's spaceship

Not quite angry enough
Krillin/Goku (False SSJ) VS Frieza (100%)
Namek's Destruction

The true power of fusion
Kibito Kai/Goku (Base)/Vegeta (Base) VS Super Buu (Gohan absorbed)
Gizard Wasteland

Chilling enemies
Goku/Vegeta/Trunks/Gohan/Bardock /Cabba (All SSJ) VS Frieza/Cooler/King Cold/Kuriza/Chilled/Frost
Frieza's spaceship

'They're just as strong as Raditz"
Goku/Piccolo/Gohan VS Saibaman (Saibaman would be super strong, other team would be super weak)
Paprika Wasteland

Timeline fracture #1
Goku (SSJ4)/Vegeta (SSJ4) VS Golden Frieza

Timeline fracture #2
Goku (SSJ5)/Vegeta (SSJ4)/Super 17/Frieza (100%) VS Jiren
Tournament of Power

Timeline fracture #3
Goku (SSJ4)/Vegeta (SSJ4)/Piccolo/Uub (GT) VS Botamo/Magetta/Frost/Cabba/Hit
Tournament of Destroyers

Dealing with the rifraff
Goku Otherworld (SSJ Power)/Pikon VS King Cold/Perfect Cell/Frieza/Guldo/Recoome/Jeice/Burter

I'll deal with them myself
Dabura VS King Cold/Perfect Cell/Frieza/Guldo/Recoome/Jeice/Burter

Mai (DBS)/Resistance Soldier VS Android 14
Ruined City

Terminator 2
Mai (DBS)/Goten (Base)/Android 14 VS Meta-Cooler
Mountain Road

"GO, BROLY!... Broly?"
Paragus (DBS) VS Vegeta/Vegeta (SSJ)/Vegeta(Majin)/Vegeta (SSG)/Vegeta (SSB)/Vegeta (SSBE)

Power of filler
King Kai/Tien/Yamcha/Chiaotzu VS Guldo/Recoome/Jeice/Burter
King Kai's Planet

Facing Inner demons
Gohan DBS (Base) VS Nappa/Recoome/Frieza (Form 2)/Super Perfect Cell/Super Buu (Gotenks)/Dyspo
Dead Zone

The most broken attack
Krillin (barely any HP, but max KI) VS Gogeta (SSJ4)/Vegito (SSB)/Jiren/Merged Zamasu/Broly (DBS)

Contrived Power-ups
Piccolo (Nail)/Gotenks (SSJ3) VS Super Perfect Cell/Golden Frieza/Trunks DBS (SSJ Rage)

Goku's not showing!
Krillin/Tien/Yamcha/Chiaotzu/Vegeta/Piccolo (Nail) VS King Cold/Frieza
King Cold's Spaceship

Vegeta has... ascended?
Baby Vegeta VS Semi-Perfect Cell/Trunks (Ultra SSJ)/Krillin/Android 16/Android 18

Mr. Satan DBS (SSJ) VS Perfect Cell/Kid Buu/Beerus
Tenkaichi Budokai (Fall)

Blue eyes white dragon
Eis Shenron VS Syn Shenron
Destroyed City

The Future's LAST last hope
Bulma VS Android 18/Android 17/Imperfect Cell
Destroyed City

Supreme Kai actually does his job
Supreme Kai/Kibito VS Goku (SSJ2)/Majin Vegeta/Yakon/Dabura/Pui Pui/Majin Buu/Babidi
Babidi's Ship

"He's a Super Namekian, even Frieza couldn't beat him!"
Lord Slug VS Frieza (100%)/King Cold/Cooler
Lord Slug's ship

Familial Reunion
Goku VS Bardock/Raditz/Gine
Snake Way

Otherworld Special Task Force!
Goku (SSJ3)/Pikon/Torbie/Olibu VS Broly/Cooler/Janemba/Perfect Cell/Bojack/Turles/Bio Broly/Android 13

Dragon Ball Multiverse
Vegito Xeno (SSJ3) VS Broly
Otherworld Tournament

Power of the mustache
Vegeta GT (first form) VS Banan/Gero/Myuu/Nappa/Paragus/Shugesh/Syn Shenron/Mr Satan/Farmer
Tenkaichi Budokai

Bounce right back
Misokatsun/Prum VS Botamo/Magetta
Tournament of Power

"Welcome to the end of your life"
Majin Vegeta (Base) VS Pui Pui/Yakon/Dabura/Majin Buu/Babidi
Babidi's ship

You fool, I'm the mighty RADITZ!
Raditz VS Beerus/Frieza/Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)/Nappa/King Cold

Overthrowing the tyrant
King Vegeta VS Appule/Banan/Cabira/Cui/Sui/Zarbon/Dodoria/Frieza (First Form)
Frieza's Spaceship

Wish for Immortality
Garlic Junior VS Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)/Frieza (100%)/Zamasu
Dead Zone


Frieza (final form) vs Future Trunks (Super Saiyan) / Super Végéta (Super Saiyan) /Goku (DBZ / Super Saiyan)

Place : Frieza's Spaceship

Pvs :
Team one : 3 Health bar / 3 Ki bar
Team Two : 4 Health bar / 4 Ki bar

Space Explorers
Jaco VS Ginyu, Burter, Recoome, Jeice, Guldo.  cool

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