Has seen in DBS, some fighters are able to move during the "skip time" power of Hit. Can someone make a list of fighters that are able to do that, so I can add that counter power to the game?
Mainly, Goku MUI, Jiren, Angels maybe?...

SSBKK×10 Goku (and his higher forms), Jiren, SSBE Vegeta (because if SSBKK can then SSBE can too), G.o.D. Toppo, SSB Vegito, SSB Gogeta, Angels, Grand Priest, SSJFP DBS Broly, SSJ3 Kanba (the saiyan from SDBH), SSJ4KK Xeno Gogeta and I think that's pretty much everything but I've maybe forgot some

Thanks Gougours. Let's add Zeno too  wink

Well, Zeno isn't a fighter, he doesn't have any fighting abilities he just has a massive destructive power, so I don't think he should be on the list

Tal vez el mismo Hit.

Jiren, Kakarot, and the angels, mostly. Oh and Hit

Thanks everyone!

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