Bézier curve

This is a tool do display vectorial drawings in PICO-8. It's useful for logos and big curved shapes that can't fit in memory as regular sprites. Also, you can zoom on those drawings at will.

You can try it online at lexaloffle BBS, or download it.



Open your SVG with a text editor, than copy/paste your path string here:

Once converted, the text is already in your clipboard, just paste it in PICO-8 to replace the mushroom example.


All the points of your vectorial drawing must be Bézier curves !

Bézier curve

Here's what it should look like:

A is the starting point, B and C are control points, D is the ending point.
Once exported to SVG file, it should look something like:

d="M 1,1 C 2,5,6,7,7,4 Z"

If you have other letters than M (move to), C (curve to) or Z (close path), you should take a close look at all the points of your vectorial drawing because other commands are not supported.

Back to curves, they can be C (absolute path) or c (relative path).
The above tool will convert all the points to absolute path.