Frontier 1337

FRONTIER 1337 is a port for PSP from the Atari ST version of the 1993 game FRONTIER - Elite II.

I used Tom Morton's source code of his GLFrontier PC port. The whole merit goes to him. I learned C language only to be able to play this game on the go, so everything is not optimized. For a better frame rate result, set the level of shape detail to 'low' in the setup screen (start button), and disable things like 'Space dust, clouds etc' and 'Background stars'...

Don't try to change commander's name when you are saving your game !
If you want to change it, rename the file in the savs folder.

You can find useful information on FRONTIER - Elite II at Frontierverse.
For those who still don't know this awesome game, here is the introduction sequence:


Frontier 1337 PSP icon

The pack contains the game and source code.
FRONTIER 1337 - v0.3.0 (1.73Mo)

Just unpack/copy FRONTIER_1337 folder to MS_ROOT/PSP/GAME

If you want, you can add sounds and music to the game. Place them in the FRONTIER_1337/data folder.

SFX Package (2.33Mo) MUSIC Package (10.9Mo)


You can test the controls of FRONTIER 1337 with this mockup :

You have to ACTIVATE FLASH to play

Enable Flash on Chrome
Help for Chrome - Help for Firefox

Analog-stick - Move the cursor through the screen.
Hold R trigger while moving the mouse cursor for a more slow and precise movement.
square - Used like the left mouse clic to select things with the cursor.
cross - Used like the right mouse clic.
Hold cross + Analog-stick - Roll the vessel.
Hold cross + square - Fire laser beam.
Hold cross + D-pad UP - Zoom-in with the camera in external view.
Hold cross + D-pad DOWN - Zoom-out with the camera in external view.
D-pad - Rotate the camera in external view, and make ravel the galactic chart or the stock market list.
triangle - Rear propulsion to increase speed.
circle - Front propulsion to decrease speed.
L and R triggers - Choose the functions that where directly available on PC with F1 to F10 keys.
L + R - Validate the chosen function.
Start - Go to the option screen.
Select - Switch between radar and missiles.
R + D-pad UP - Force mis-jump.
R + Select - Show/hide game engine FPS.


Use Minimalist PSPSDK to compile the game.
For unknown reasons, the game only compiles with the 0.10.0 version. If someone wants to take a look, the error is located in the screen.c function void Screen_Init(void).

Your computer must have loads of RAM to compile the huge generated C file.


David Braben for having done one of the best games ever.

Tom Morton for his GLFrontier sourcecode and his advises.

The guys at PS2DEV forums, Danzel and his NASA machine :)