Player :

- Teen Goku
- Chi-chi


- Ebifurya
- Sansho
- Commander Zeeun
- Nicky
- Vinegar
- Wings
- Spice

Stage: Intergalatic World Tournament


Inspired by the Thriller Music Video

Title: King Slayer

Players Use: Mercenary Tao

AI consist of King Vegeta King Kai King Vegeta and King Piccolo

Map: Intergalactic World Tournament

Story: Your job is to assassinate the 4 Kings and claim your status as the greatest assassin of all time. Don't fail or your employer will have your head. You are timed so be careful!!!

*Evil Laughter*

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Title: These kids never learn
Player: Bardock, King Vegeta, Paragus, Cell
AI: Goku, Vegeta, Broly and a lot of cells jr
Map: Kame house
Basically everyone is chilling buy oh no, the sons of bardock, king vegeta, paragus and cell want to train and you gotta teach em´ a lesson  tongue
It would look like this

the super saiyan legendary

broly (dbz) (5 hp) (5ki)

broly (dbs) (5 hp) (5ki)

stage:tourment of power

thank you

Before participating, make sure you understand the rules of the contest.

XXXevilgoku, I'm talking about you, but there are others participants who are concerned by this.

So read that post for a VERY CLEAR EXPLANATION:
https://www.txori.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 8357#p8357

And then edit your idea before the end of the month wink

Hello! Here's a neat little challenge I thought of, going with the theme of Christmas.

Name : You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.
The battle takes place in the glacier. Piccolo is planning on ruining Christmas, but the kids won't let him do that. Piccolo must defeat them before morning. Will the kids give Piccolo a change of heart? Probably not..
Player team : Piccolo (without his cape)
Computer team : Kid Gohan, kid Goten, kid Trunks, Uub (Z) and Pan (Z)
There is also an additional timer of 120 seconds. Merry Christmas!

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batalla de xeno
personaje que tienes que usar :manji buu xeno,turles xeno y freza xeno
enemigo : goku xeno , vegeta xeno , goghan xeno y bardock
se puede usar todas la traformacion

La douleur de la calvitie
Player team: Ginger, Garlic Jr., Nappa, Master Roshi, Tien Shinhan, Jiren
Computer team: Raditz, Krillin w/Hair, Jeice, Olibu, Goku (SS) (seulement SSJ3), Gotenks (seulement SSJ3), Zangya, Android 21 (Evil), Super 17, Cumber
Stage: Sasebo City
Timer: 120 secs

Les chauves ne supportent pas de voir toutes ces têtes dont les cheveux tombent jusqu'au dos, mais également le traitre Krillin dont les cheveux ont poussé. Montrez a ces gens chevelus la puissance des chauves et humiliez les rapidement
PS: Ca fait un bail que je suis pas venu ici et vu que j'aime bien les petits concours organisés ici de temps en temps, je participe a celui-la. J'ai hate de voir les prochains concours, j'y participerais avec joie big_smile

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Mi propuesta de desafio

[(Power Rangers)]
Ultimate Gohan (Black Ranger)
SS Future Trunks (Yellow Ranger)
SS Rosé Goku (Pink Ranger)
SSB Evolution Vegeta (Blue Ranger)
SS God Goku (Red Ranger)
SS Berserker Canon Broly (Green Ranger)
<OPTIONAL> Mastered UI Goku (White Ranger)


Frieza Soldier (Rita's Soldier)
Yakkon (Rita's Monster)
Golden Frieza (Goldar)
Towa (Rita Repulsa)
Final Form Cooler (Lord Zedd)
<OPTIONAL> Legendary SS No Canon Broly (Lord Drakkon)

Los villanos deberían tener un poco mas de vida.

Me había tardado en publicarlo pero aquí esta.

Um... Here's also a great idea

Part #1

I want to make another challenge the copycat of the rough time we're living in right now!

Theme: Covid and the Pride Troopers.

Name: The end of the earth, flash player, and us!!!
Covid and the Pride Troopers Join forces to wipe out all life. Will the Sayians and the Androids help each other and stop the riot before it is the end of the world? Goku, TRIGGER YOUR ULTRA INSTINCT NOW!!!

(Robots and Monkeys) VS (Predators from another universe)

Player team:

Android 18 (Super)
Android 17 (Super)
Goku (Super)
Vegeta (Super)
Gohan (Super)

(VS) Compter team:


Additional Time: 90 seconds

Area: Ruined City

I want to be apart of this!!! neutral

And Txori please tell me did I get this right?   roll  roll  roll

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No you didn't. The challenge idea must have NOTHING to do with Dragon Ball. You did the exact opposite of what is expected. What does the Saiyans and the Androids are doing here?

Look at that example:

Alien VS Predator
Alien is played by Frieza (2nd transformation), and Predator is played by some other fighter with a mask.

That's it.

Well mine is...

Chi-Chi Vs. Bulma!!  Catfight!!!

smile  smile

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