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Hey hey! Coming back from a long hiatus from the game, I decided to take on the challenge of beating the game as fast as possible, I did my run and ended up with a broken finger and a time of 44:49 min. I know it can be improved a lot even to the 35- mark but this is my first attempt on this mission, I'll be posting my great time loss and PB in my youtube channel.

The main characters of the run not surprisingly are gonna be Krilin, Piccolo, and Goku. These 3 guys have super good special abilities that give a huge time skip ( Especially Krillin enraged using Destructo Disk), I've split the game into the Sagas going in order from 23rd Budokai, Saiyans, Namek ( All namek including captain Ginyu) , Trunks, Androids, Cell ( All transformations of cell ), Great saiyaman, 25th Budokai, Babidi and Finally... Majin Buu ( All Majin Buu). I know this is gonna be a little bit controversial, but, i decided to skip Candy Vegito, Candy Vegito has to be the hardest battle in all game, I have tried several times again and again to beat him but only being able to de melee and Buu regening at fast pace make this fight almost impossible ( Cutting the fact that I'm the worst at melee too ).Trying to get Zenkai´s is very important altough in shorter battles you most of the time dont need it.

Anyways , Kame duels are giving my wrist and my finger a lot of pain , is there anyway to make those easier ? Thay are a huge damage dealer but sometimes they take so long to finish haha , id had some problems with my mouse movement where i switch pages or enter the Facebook and twitter pop-ups , has anyone that played in acontroller suing Joytokey has got better times ? Let me know anything ! Ill keep practicing , until longer keep dashing ! tongue
( Also let me know what you guys think about skipping candy vegito , do you think is fair to skip it ? is jus one battle in the whole run )

My run:

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New Record Achieved ! 44:13 ! Had a lot of trouble with Kame Blasts ?! I don't what was it ! Maybe Key is broken but I lost about 2:30 mn because of that  roll , But , Hey ! New record , Maybe I can get lower than 40 , but I need to keep practicing Androids Saga  tongue. Im not making a video because its not really important , but I did record in case someone needs the proof of that.. Heres the Screenie so you guys can see how did I do  smile


Auto Splitter was used for making the Auto split Sciptable ! I had to compile a bunch of stuff here and there lol , but nothing too complicated to do , you can see how it helped in the first split !

23rd Budokai was the same always , Kame spam al the way , new record achivided ( Autosplit helped a lot)
Saiyans a what actually pretty good ! I managed to almost 1-2 hit every enemy , Fireza gave a lil problem the final fight...
I almost fricked up Trunks split lol , but King Cold gave me an opportunity.

Now comes the bad thing sad , You can see that Androids delayed a lot , it was because of Androids vs Z fighters fight , I don't know what is it but I wasn't able to win almost none of the Kame battles mad ...

Cell was another thing , I tried going for Genki with Goku but that failed terribly, Both Krilin and Picollo Died fast so i had to make myw ay through with Super Vegeta ... i had to wait all bar. What REALLY  delayed me in The cell split was Gohan vs Cell Jr , oh my god dude those annoying lil psychos wouldn't stop moving everywhere, i died 1 time but the 2 time i achieved after 2-3 min.

Great Saiyan went a lil slow because of the Mosquito girl Videl , but it wasn't as much as the first run.Majin Vegeta vs trunks delayed em a little because i fricking lost to a Kame blast in my face roll

25th Budokai went actually pretty good ! big_smile Had some trouble with Gotenks on the first fight but nothing to really worry about lol , It really helped that it took only about 15 sc to kill Android 18 with Hercules.

Babidi... Babidi went Meh.. i could have do so much better if i could kame blast fight roll , but it went ok.

Majin went very good i gotta say smile , I discover that the Kame blast of kid buu take longer time for him to finish his animation, so you can just wait and kame him back.

28th Budokai went a lot smoother than i expected, in the last ran i didn't knew that Master Goku could Genki , so this time it just took about 20 sc.

I excepted to improve a lot more , but i don't really know what happened there with the spam attack button , maybe its getting broken or something, i expect to lower it down to the 40 mark , but we will see about that. I just need to get better at Androids and Cell jr.s , hope anyone takes on the challenge too ! Keep Dashing big_smile

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What difficulty did you use ?

Seria mejor perfeccionar mas las habilidades y tener mejores reflejos ya que si en dificultad "God" es super difícil ganar un choque de poderes atacar a lo bestia en los momentos que este sin cubrirse, el tiempo se puede mejorar mucho wink

Godofdestruction Im using God mode , i think is okay , god mode isnt as hard as people say ( At least for me)
Andrew48 , Si lo se jaja, Ive been getting pretty good at Ki management and Dashing. What really cut me down is that my key seems to be broken , il try today or tomorrow to get a new PB.

I may or may not have make the run in easy mode without me knowing , there is no way for me to know in which mode was because I closed the page , but it seems very likely that it was... I will not claim this new record as valid as I don't know in wich mode were I playing yesterday night , for honesty and validation of the run I will not claim this new record as official. It will stand as 44:12 as before , If it was in god mode , well I hope ill do another good record.This hurts my soul hahaha but give or take  happen. I will try running today , We will see how it goes. sad

After a long time , i finally was able to put the game on speedrun! There are different categories for you guys to put your records on, as well as resources and future guides ! https://www.speedrun.com/dbd ; I also need some people to mod with me , I'm looking for serious people with high knowledge about the game that would like to participate. If you would want to join, im pretty active on the chatbro Chatbox. Ill´ be waiting for your comments, good luck !