What would happen after defeating the 232 fighters in the arcade? Would it reset ? Or would there be an ending ?

Anyways, it is not so difficult considering all of the characters so OP that we have, All Angels are the perfect Fighter for that. But I thought and I realized that the best character to play Arcade is the all-powerful Captain Ginyu, just think about it, is practically having 3 Lifebars !.
You just have to wait for one of the 4 Angels to show up and throw the power away, it really wouldn’t have to be an angel ; Any strong character with Auto-Regeneration would serve this task. Basically with Ginyu you get a second try if you make mistakes and you’re about to die. And if you’re even in a low life, you just wait for a powerful fighter to come out and you change with him as last resort.

There is also the fact that they are 232#, in the long run it will appear another Ginyu, with which you can exchange body again, and start again with a fresh and ready to exchange Ginyu , although this would only be the case if an angel was not given before the 2nd Captain Ginyu arrived.

I was thinking too about characters as Akira, Hit or Guldo, they would do a good job against almost all the characters for their abilities to stop time and be able to attack the other characters as they can not defend while the time-stop. But he would have to be cautious against OP characters, as they could kill them with a single melee attack. Something similar to what would happen can be seen in the intense training with Whis..

Unfortunately the angels are still the best in this task, their Max Stats and their Auto-regeneration capabilities give them an escape to regenerate their bar against characters that cannot fly or extremely weak character, They can basically recharge their lives and prepare for the next battle.


I would like to try to beat the Arcade, it would take between 2:30 and 3:30 hours according to my approximations if you leave with a good pace.

Who would have guess ? Just got this thread image, Vados popped up as the 2 fighter xD. I will try tomorrow and tell how it goes.

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how did it go?

I suggest using one of the Gokus because Genki Dama is OP(although it's been a little nerefed lately, also because it's sort of hard to set up a hit with an angel, and you gonna get ki blasted at way too many times, with Goku you one shot everyone with the Genki Dama but don't risk geting hit at as much.

I tried it and got through 45 fighters, I think being more careful and using one of the later Goku's because their ki charge is faster would work.

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Whis keeps showing up and kicking my butt. Is this a bug or a feature?

Soo general update, I ended up not going for the run itself. It was late at night and didn't want to spend 3> hours trying to beat the arcade roaster big_smile . I haven't been able to try it as I have a lot in real life to manage and I would need another person to mark the (Now outdated) Excel spreadsheet with all the characters and a checkbox to mark them. I still stand my point that Ginyu is the best one unless theoretically, Goku would get Auto-Regen, it won't be much help against the whole roaster, sure you can wait until you get a Ginyu, but your overall HP bar would probably degrade before you encounter one. Captain Ginyu doesn't act as a fighter, it acts a the Lifebuoy to get a better character.

I choose angels still as the best fighters to go through arcade mode, they have maxed out stats and can regen HP at a fast pace, Whis kicking your  is an intended mechanic, they are supposed to 1 shot/ Do considerable damage in a melee battle.

I will link the outdated Excel spreadsheet (Pre-Ruffle transition) If anyone would like to collaborate by adding the new characters to the sheet, I would thank you.

https://www.filehosting.org/file/detail … rcade.xlsx

Happy Dashing!  big_smile

Who are the one that manage to finish arcade mode?
I need someone to finish in order to verify that the bug with the fighter+1 is corrected.

Update: Finished the excel file with the total roaster list (as of 12/05/2021). Hopefully, I will able to go for the full Arcade this Saturday.

Here is the excel file for any of you folks that might wanna try this crazy challenge: https://www.filehosting.org/file/detail … rcade.xlsx

Happy Dashing  big_smile !

Hola acabo de vencer al modo arcade en dificultad dios y una vez que vencí al ultimo personaje apareció uno llamado undefined asi que creo q le error de  the bug with the fighter+1 no esta solucionado.

Mientras que hacia el modo arcade se me ocurrió la idea de un contador para saber a cuantos personajes has sobrevivido mientras avanzas.

https://sites.google.com/view/dragonbal … modoarcade

no supe como subir la imagen bien asi que la envió asi

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I did it. I did it. Posting my Video soon, ill link here in the replies. SPOILER: UNDEFINED character Bug is still active.

Ginyu Force comes to Battle!
All Arcade Game mode Roaster Beaten in live-un edited footage.
Bug with the fighter+1 is still not fixed as of Version 211012, In fact, it looks in even worse as the fighter +1 becomes Invisible (And could be possibly not possible to Melee).


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