https://www.mediafire.com/file/86y68w1a … edmui/file
Buenas tardes, dias o noches chicos, acá dejo el lugar de JoJo's Bizarre Adventure donde Jonathan entreno con Anthonio Zeppeli para conseguir el Hamon, el cual decidi llamar "Río Hamon", espero que les guste  big_smile

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This is a nice start. Here what you can do to improve your background:

- Decide where the light is coming from. Looking at the leaves and the wall, the light seems to come from the left. So keep to that everywhere, especially the trunk of the tree, and all the rocks...

- Don't draw a line around everything, this just breaks the drawing. Look at the line that surround the wall, it's not working. Remove them smile

- It's pretty flat. What's going on behind this wall and rocks? Where is the horizon?

https://www.mediafire.com/file/qo55jknn … edmui/file

muchas gracias por su opinión Txori big_smile, ya ordene un poco la iluminacion, pero solo le hice cambios pequeños, el creador del fondo es @simplemente yo, que le quedo epico yikes ¡¡MUCHAS GRACIAS TINCHO!!