@Nelzom, Wooow! es perfecto! Que trabajo mas impresionante!

Also. Im making a no-hitbox block thingy for my magma boy.
Explanation: He goes inside the portal and closes it.

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I just realized that looks like a tie instead of a under shirt.

oye @fedevera11, ya termine la caminata de tu oc, espero te guste  big_smile
cualquier disgusto que tengas lo puedes cambiar si quieres  wink

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@Fredmui, wow. Es una animacion impresionante. Aunque parece que toda la comunidad me esta haciendo sprites jaja lol agradezco mucho todos los sprites que me hacen. Es perfecto!

Voy a renombrar a Ordinary Kid xd (si no entendes, es por el titulo de tu dibujo asdadsa)

Y porque quiero hacer un Brodyquest con la caminata de Ordinary Kid xd

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Some cool stuff im making for Ordinary Kid.

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smol child
ok im gonna work on ordinary kid now fr

here's some sneak peaks:
First attack done:
Recolored smol boi:
(tried to make it look like nelzom's magma kid)

Recolored Magma portrait, cool:

What is this..? A cloud?
(Credits to Poison Mirror for animating, helping and shading)

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sorry for this @Nelzom

Ok, i made a quick Ordinary Kid demo, you can only play as an unfinished In Need of Energy mode.

Hope you like it, send feedback if u want i guess.

Download Link, very cool

(remember that most animations are placeholders)

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ok, so before someone (for some reason) asks it, yes

im going to make a ordinary kid edit with za warudo instead of fire golem.

also update log:
new link for ordinary kid demo because fixes:

  • new epic portrait with actual good outline

  • uuh made dead/loser animation really long cuz it was buggy before

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hey is turning out pretty cool actually

kinda offtopic but mario sprite edit with ordinary kid's palette

con respecto a tu nuevo OC jugable, la verdad es mejorable, tanto con el tiempo de animación de algunos movimientos como en algunos frames desproporcionados, pero sin contar eso, esta bueno (ya se que es muy tarde para opinar, pero es que no llegue a verlo en su momento)

So, what's going on with Ordinary Kid?

Well, i didn't work in anything Ordinary Kid related in a while now, but i started making this man called "Aitz".
His ability is to delete concept of time and create after-images full of air pressure.
the funny man
(In only one day i'm 25% (50% of the 1st form and 0% of the 2nd form) done of him, but it's mostly basic animations, i still need the god damn attacks done.)

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also jojo reference
also jojo reference

Bonito aspecto, aunque hay un problema con el sprite; el color del contorno choca con el color oscuro de la chaqueta, y hace que el contorno se vea opaco. Yo que tú haría la chaqueta un tono gris llegando a rojizo.

@Nelzom, agradezco el consejo.

ok but really speaking about friday night funkin' i made these for the fnf rivals of aether stage.

the ordinary man is looking clean singing.

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Wow lo veo muy fluido ¿piensas hacerle una nueva version pero edición FNF?