I am working on a RPG based on the legend of Zelda. I don't want to expose to much of the game before it comes out but I will give a screen of the game.
this game should be released by April 20th


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great job big_smile

I am looking for a name for my rp game.

would you like to have a chance at having a game named by you?
Submit a name in a response to this post to maybe have your name be the winner!

Also... do you want your username or real name put into the game?
Submit your name in a response to this post, and i am positive your name will be put in the game.

The story of Eren And Rike

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I suppose that you skip the character creation directly to the name because sprites are already made in RPG Playground. But you should read that anyway to complete the rest, as a great character isn't just a name wink

https://self-publishingschool.com/chara … velopment/

I vote for the character name "Eneko".
You should choose your game name when you know where you're going with your story. Otherwise, you're just going to limit the scope of your story because of the title. But that can also be a great exercise of creativity. I propose "Along the great river" for the game's name.

Also, I fused your topics.