Salut tout le monde, je voulais profiter de mon passage sur le forum pour dévoiler quelques portraits, les personnages n'étant soit pas faits soit pas terminés (logique étant donné que la progra est pas finie), donc en attendant j'ai travaillé des portraits pour les personnages.


Sans plus attendre, voici le portrait de <<Son Goku | Forme normale - Saga Cyborgs>> !

J'en profite pour glisser le Kaioken x3 ici. smile


Merci à vous !

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And now, after few months, this is the portrait of Vegeta >> Super Saiyan Blue Evolution << for my project. smile


Here is a character from SDBH, who is present in my project : Hearts

Hearts >> Forme normale <<


Here is another character from SDBH : Goku Black Xeno

Goku Black Xeno >> Forme normale (masqué) <<

Ufff me encanta ese Black


To continue my Goku Black's portraits' list, here is the Masked Super Saiyan Rose from SDBH : Big Bang Mission

Goku Black Xeno >> Super Saiyen Rosé Masqué <<

These look great in your own style so far, keep it up my friend!

Thanks you very much Miguel A. Reyes.

Here is the next form of Goku Black Xeno smile => The Super Saiyan Rose 3 !


Goku Black Xeno >> Super Saiyen Rosé 3 Masqué <<

With, comes the Super Saiyan Rose Full Power :


Enjoy !

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That's maybe because it seems to be a post where i share portraits (and not sprites XD)
Doesn't matter, i don't manage the forum. smile

Furthermore, your sprites looks good as DBDev style. Maybe your sprites were moved in another topic ? I don't have the answers. Good job smile

P.S : I wouldn't have done it better XD

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After all Goku Black's portraits... A last of him ! XD

Dear mortals, i hope you're glad to see him, he comes to you now, the one and only god in the universe. Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose !


Kneel before him, you foolish mortals ! XD

To don't make you tired, we will change universe.

Now comes the perfect warrior. He's known as the real strongest warrior in the multiverse, soon as strong as Lord Beerus himself !
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the best, the perfect :


Vegeta (GT) !!!

Let the power of the mustache impress you !

Here comes a mighty warrior !


I'm proud to show you the following character :

Son Goku (Xenoverse) >> Super Saiyen 4 Limit Break <<

Have fun !

"Now, everything changes ! The fate of Planet Vegeta... My own fate... Kakarrot's fate... as well as your fate ! It's over, Frieza !!!"


Bardock >> Blessé <<

Enjoy it ! smile

I really like that last one!

And i'm back with another picture : let's travel to the Saiyan Saga.


[Goku] Kaiô-Ken !

Enjoy ! wink

That Kaio-Ken Goku one looks amazing! Great job, you've definitely improved since then.  big_smile

My evolution XD thank you smile

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Here comes Frieza First Form (DBS : Broly version) smile
Enjoy ! big_smile


Nada mal, pero recuerda que el Freezer de la película de Broly tiene una cara más redonda y unos ojos más grandes


But i didn't take this picture as a base to make it smile