Let's have a look at the Legendary Super Saiyan ? smile

[Paragus] "This is our chance, my son... ATTACK !!"


Il est très bien celui-là !

Merci smile

Broly comes with the first version of Gogeta Blue I made months ago. I think I'm gonna change it a bit, but keeping his body's position.

Bro la verdad me gustó el Broly normal de dbs y quedó 100/10

Muchas gracias Juanpad ^^

Now, here comes the powerful Godslayer from Super Dragon Ball Heroes : please give hime a shout ; Hearts !

Hearts | Base form

Hearts | Super Hearts

Hearts | Godslayer form

Enjoy big_smile

man you always impress us by you DB portraits, but can't you try to make a different show portraits or you make a portraits from your own? like you're making a character

Well, I had an idea about a fan story that I think is not bad, it's about a people seeking revenge on Saiyans. I was happy. Until they release Granolah the Survivor's arc XD I don't know how we can have the same ideas.
But the fact is I need some draws or pictures about the characters but I don't draw in DB style so that's really difficult to view what I could do with them.

The fan-made story looks like this :

"A few weeks after the battle against Moro, Goku, Vegeta and the whole Z-Fighters team are wanted to participate at the first Inter-Galactic tournament. But in fact, the tournament was a trap to gather the strongest warriors of the Universe. Strangers invades the arena and attack the fighters, and the truth is now out : Ondori, an old man from planet Nyuku (*I took the japanese word 'Niku' at a base, for now I used a translator, I searched 'Meat' because the Saiyans were from Vegeta*), followed by Keiran, the Artificial Saiyan, is planning to take over all the remaining Saiyans so he could revenge. With new allies, will the Z-Fighters be able to stop the greatest threat they have ever faced ?"
Just wrote this, but that's the global idea.

"Here goes, Jiren !"
"KaïoKen !!"

The strongest Saiyans' duo ever made is coming in the battle !

Son Goku | Super Saiyen Bleu Kaioken x20

Enjoy !

Does someone have Baby's references pls ? The first time we saw him, in his child form. I searched but none of them represents Baby facing us. Thanks everyone smile

Puedes mandarte un potraid de jiren?

Sorry I'm using a translator, especially to translate Spanish (I don't use often to translate English), but I didn't understand what you said sorry hmm

I guessed xdd, I did it on purpose to see what the translator told them. (sorry xD)

What I mean is if you can make a potraid of jiren.  smile

Well I already made two of them, but I have to work again on his base form tongue
I put them here :

base form
Maximum power form

I've made them months ago. So they are not as good as they could be now XD

For this one, I've no much things to say. So let me introduce Bardock (Time Breaker) from Dragon Ball Heroes !

Bardock Time Breaker

Bardock Time Breaker | Destroyed masked

Oye nada mal bro bien te felicito bro

Thanks Juanpad smile

Here I come back with the ultimate assault of all DB right now. I mean the final assault during the Tournament of Power ! Coming with a state with the 2 characters.

Son Goku ==> Etat Normal (Torse nu | allié avec Freezer (Forme finale | auréole))
Son Goku ==> Normal form (Shirtless | alliance with Frieza (Final form | dead))

I'll draw the Frieza part later, which will comes with this state :

Freezer ==> Forme finale (auréole) (allié avec Son Goku (Etat normal | Torse nu)
Frieza ==> Final form (dead) (alliance with Son Goku (Normal form | Shirtless)

Enjoy !

This goku is beautiful wink
and how are you doing with baby?

Well, the last time I saw him it was next to the bin tongue
Your plan is good, but the pre-version I made wasn't like I expected so... It's difficult. I tried teen Baby but it isn't good too hmm