And now the Frieza from the same scene.


The final unexpected alliance during the Tournament of Power  lol

Están geniales tus retratos!

Muy buenos portraits  big_smile

Me dejó perplejo ese Jiren Full Power

Thanks you guys, that's helpful smile

Now I show you the swordman, a hero, one who tried to stop a monster to save a planet. I'm talking about Tapion !

Enjoy !

wow, the portrait of this Tapion was really good  yikes

Os retratos estão cada vez melhores yikes

I thank all of you guys big_smile
I'm now making some portraits from Saiyan and Namek sagas (I made one yesterday and this morning I started another).
Doria and Zabon will be hard to draw. tongue

Is that Kong ? Oh no, it's just Vegeta tongue


Here comes a new challenger ! Vegeta >> Great Ape << !!
"You have to understand that facing a Saiyan elite already sealed your fate !"

Enjoy, guys big_smile

Really nice  yikes

Impressive!! My favorite so far!  yikes

I loved it

Poderia fazer um do Gohan Beast?

There is many pictures from it but I'm not sure there would be enough to make a good portrait. It was the same for UE Vegeta, it's hard to draw it (from my point of view) because there's not enough pictures. Before drawing other Frieza soldiers, I'm now drawing First form Cell again (the latest version was a bit old tongue). But I could draw Gohan Beast as I drawn the first version of G-1 and G-2 (I'm sure we could call them like that XD, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2).

Guys, here is the final weapon made with the DNA of the strongest warriors of his time. It is known as the final creation of Dr. Gero. I named it : Cell !


Enjoy ! tongue

So, what's the next experiment, then ?


Fuu >> Base form <<
Here is the most famous vilain from Super Dragon Ball Heroes, experimenting on Planet Prison, the Universe Seed and the Universe Tree !

Right before continuing his multiple forms, I decided to draw his last one.


Fu >> Dogidogi absorbed (final stage) <<

Enjoy tongue

It's very beautiful! yikes

Thanks Vegeta ^^

Now I come with the start of the V3 of Gogeta DBS !


Son Goku >> Gogeta (Dance fusion with Vegeta) (Dragon Ball Super : Broly) <<

"Having a name will definitely make us sound much cooler. This it'll be Gokuga... Vekugo... How about Gogeta ?!"


Son Goku >> Gogeta Super Saiyan (Dance fusion with Vegeta) (Dragon Ball Super : Broly) <<

"Now it's our turn !"


Son Goku >> Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue (Dance fusion with Vegeta) (Dragon Ball Super : Broly) <<

"Go !"

Here it is, after several tests, I've ended it. The most powerful (living) Android (sorry Android 16, we all miss you :'( ) : Android 17 (DBS) !


Enjoy !

"I'm not Goku or Vegeta. I'm Gogeta. It's over Janemba, I come for you !"


Son Goku >> Super Gogeta (Mort | Dance fusion avec Vegeta)
Son Goku >> Super Gogeta (Halo | Dance fusion with Vegeta)

Enjoy !