I am working on this, it's only made for fun.1630071175_duck.png

Note: he actually can't fly, i know, he is a duck, the duck's can fly, but this one no, he only can't.

I added the entry animation, its a loop the sprite number 19 to the 25 and reverse, its only that.

Another note:
I dont know what another weird thing i can put on him, send me ideas pls


If someone have an idea for this thing, send it by here, thanks

I dont know, download link https://www.txori.com/forum/doc/39517/1 … 8_duck.txt?

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Xd esta buena la idea
Pero es algo fastidioso ver tantos mensajes de un progreso tan corto de un personaje, yo te recomiendo borrar todos los mensajes y dejar en el primero el último sprite, el portrait y el link de descarga
Visualmente los veo bien a los sprites y el portrait para ser un personaje rapidito

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ah yes duck

i will update this later, with an transformation, or that i have on mind, for the moment, i am going to think about all, and i am going to explain all attacks, so, only wait!.

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This is duck, on zip file.
https://www.txori.com/forum/doc/39517/1 … 8_duck.zip
Note: I am working on new things, i want to update this 5 more times, for 3 little updates and 2 big updates, btw, i need an new idea for one more section of attacks and moves.

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The giant project is cancelled, for personal reasons.

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Hey,aqui kingdoge, he tenido bastantes problemas con mi anterior cuenta por lo que tuve que recurrir a crear una nueva, ahora si, hablemos del proyecto duck, es algo creado con cariño pero por diversión, pero, estoy rehaciendo el sprite desde 0, por lo que, tratare de hacer muchos cambios, tanto animaciones de movimiento, ataque y general, esto es lo que presento acerca del movimiento, acerca del salto aun no e podido tener una buena idea de como hacerlo.

Send me an email for resolving your account problem, instead  wink

I fused your duck topics. No need to create a new one for an update.

I like the animation smile

about the account problem, i already sended an email to the contact mail that the pages show me, but, i hasn't been replied yet sad

Buena animación y diseño, parece caricatura. Ahora, podrías usar colores más pasteles o vivos


well,i have a problem, when i try to create the sprite in baston it just show's the stand sheet way to big,idk what i did wrong, by the moment i am just going to continue making the sprite
edit:i already fixed it, it was an error in the exportation of the sprite

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I am going to need help.
Well, when te character attacks it just's keep's going with nothing to do except reset the match,i dont have the minimun idea of why this happen, i actually have finished basic moves, except for fall, i have basic attacks, all i have left it's the directional attacks and energy one's,so that's it, if anyone can help me in the issue of why the character just attacks with no stop, i will appreciate that

Edit: when it's a dash it doesn't happen, i will be searching if it is and sprite issue or something

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Eso sucede porque no cambiaste de animación
Los ataques comunes tienen que tener la animación en "una vez" y no en "bucle"