Hello! i'm here once again, now i need to show you guys a proposal i recently had, because it's been an "annoying" issue that Broly has always had in the game, it's that he has both phases of his two movie versions fused in one, and this doesn't feel proper to me. So, instead. I thought he should have 2 different slots for each movie, the LSSJ slot with the base form, Suppressed Super Saiyan Form and Legendary Super Saiyan Form. And the Second Coming slot. With the base form, Unleashed Super Saiyan Form and Legendary Super Saiyan Form. I thought of this concept and said, why not? time to make some new portraits!

please tell me what you think below!  tongue - Miguel  wink


Looks really good ! big_smile

Sure i prefer the two normal forms, it is really similar to Broly smile
The other portraits are very good too. Great job smile

Thank you so much!

its so good