Hey Txori!
This bug happens when you jump and in mid-air you do the Revenge Death Ball attack. It results in Baby falling and keeping the jumping pose in the ground while still charging the attack up there, as you can see in the following image:

(Sorry for posting these reports kinda late, but I didn't have the time to make a proper bug report due to University! I'll be posting the rest of the bugs I found during the day  smile )

UPDATE: The same happens with regular sized fighters that can't fly when charging an energy bomb attack. Try it out with any character with this kind of attack in the Tournament of Power arena, you'll see.

The problem comes from the gravity. I can simply stop the fighter from falling and block him mid air, just like when a jumping fighter fires a ki wave.

Or I could make the ki bomb Y position to follow the fighter position, but it's a bit more complicated to do.

Or we could decide that it's not a bug, but a feature  lol

I personally think that, if possible, it would be fine if you could just make him keep the charging position in mid-air and when he reaches the ground. The Revenge Death Ball up there doesn't look that bad at all, and it makes sense for it to hold up there as in many energy bomb attacks we've seen how no matter how much the user moves the energy bombs holds its place.

Or maybe just make him unable to use the attack while in the air, guess that would be easier...

Or maybe let's just call it a feature!  lol