Ok, I will start with Black Freezer, I know that Black Freezer isn't in the Game but I couldn't wait to do it on my style  smile


Hey JLau08, I really like what you did here!  yikes

The portraits look awesome and I love what you did with the purple "gem" he has... Great Job!  big_smile

And making your own version of characters that are not yet in the game is way better and encouraging than demanding them on the chat-box  lol

Thanks! big_smile
And it's true, I don't like those people who only says "ADD BLACK FREEZER, ORANGE PICCOLO, GOHAN BEAST, HIDO, CELL MAX....", I think it's better to making yourself or maybe just not say that

Muy buen sprite y portraits!!   big_smile

Oh está genial, sí sigues así lograras ser dev en poco tiempo big_smile

WOW  yikes
Te quedaron muy bonitos esos portraits.  big_smile

are these the official colors? It turned out amazing! Excellent character!

Here is my style of Gohan from the Dragon Ball Super [Super Hero] movie  smile


And after Gohan, ¿who goes next?

Orange Piccolo  big_smile


Incredible! How did you manage to make 2 characters really fast? I like that you added Gohan's forms before he fought Gamma, and I liked Piccolo's Forms. I thought the Orange Piccolo was very well made and the giant shape was good.  big_smile

Sensacional  yikes

Look how Gohan's Portrait was before and after, I think it changed a lot


Asi se hace!
Las cosas que mostraste aqui son muy buenas y tienes un gran potencial!
Te recomendaria que realices a Black Freezer, la 4ta y golden son innecesarias ya que estas ya fueron realizadas.
Lo mismo con Gohan de Super Hero ya que este ya lo tenemos realizado y con mejores resultados
Hay alguna manera de contactar contigo?
Podría mostrarte lo que llevamos hecho de Picollo super hero asi participas en su desarrollo.

El antagonista de la película! Cell MAX big_smile


I hope Txori will reply to this sprites. They are really cool. smile