This is the planet from DBS Broly, revealed to be a planet used as a wasteland for planet vegeta. This is where Broly was exiled, and this is where Paragus followed him along another saiyan just to kill him and stay there with broly during all the years of DBZ, finally. Appearing on DBS: Broly.

Debut (Appereance): DBS: Broly.

Discover Date: Unknown.

Main Use: Wasteland used by the saiyans.

Health Care: LETHAL.

Big version:


Actual size version, used for the actual Dev game:


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Thanks! big_smile

Make sure the sky is yellow. And maybe have one of those spider creatures or Ba type monsters in the background. Those two things will make this background stand out.

Challenge Accepted!  yikes 1556129466_0560565656.png

Little version: 1556129546_34924923034903.png

Yeah it's looking a lot better now.

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