Here we go!

This place is the official Quantum Realm of the Dragon Ball Multiverse. It debuts at DBS: Broly in the middle of the
final battle between Gogeta and Broly fight for different goals..

Gogeta wants to finish this disaster before earth gets wiped out because of Broly's massive power...

Meanwhile Broly is just a confused man, as he attacks everybody that gets in-front of his way just because he wants to
defend himself, all he wants is peace. Once his father is assassinated by Frieza, his power implodes. Creating a base Super
Saiyan with the proportions of facing even Golden Frieza!

It's time to stop this mess!


- Miguel Alejandro Reyes  cool

Looks good, try to implement a bit more purple, and have some more large shards in the background but more randomly scattered around, not just the sides.

Yoo!  big_smile