Well, this is one of the simplest, this consists of having extra large stages and to be seen can be fought, the screen is divided to see the fighters and having a guide up screen that indicates their position. This mechanic, as many have already guessed, is taken out of Dragon Ball Super Butoden.


Although at first this seems like a great idea, it has a counter that is that because of the distance that they are, sprites of more perspective will have to be made, above or below 45 degrees.

And that's it. Just that, bye. What do you think about the idea?

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Just no tongue

Splitting the background like that is horrible. It was cool for old SNES games, because they couldn't zoom. But then you got to add the radar, because you have no idea where the enemy is, where his ki blasts are, where the border of the stage is... So the gameplay is slow.
Also, this is not compatible with team switching and many other simple things that makes the gameplay of Dragon Ball Devolution simple.