Hey, I'm new here, I have some experience with pixels and I wanted to collaborate with something.

The thing is that the portrait of Goku, already older, is repeated many times in all its variants, such as Goku (DBS), Goku (SS), Goku (F), etc ...

So I did this with the purpose of providing a sprite with a more formidable appearance, since the other has many errors and deformed things, this is done from 0, by the way.

And well, that's it, greetings.


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Looks a little too much like One Piece, try making the jawline and face more angular? And Goku's eyes are big and round but should also be a little angular, while also still being curved (don't know how to describe it sorry).


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Idk what i'm doing here, but... I will just leave this...

(yeah, it's only the same but i edited it, also yes, my weakness, bottom hair)

dejo esto por aquí por si les interesa