Hi everyone.
I gonna upload a pack of characters and stages of anime series One Punch man.
I make this pack in the 2018 for a small comunity, so dont expect much quality...
This pack contains:
42 archives
9 Stages
33 characters. a good amount of them with transformations.
"Click Here to download"

By the way, in case someone is reading and didn't know:
You can put your files as you want in your collection folder.
In this example, you could create a "One Punch Man" folder in your collection folder, and put everything in it, fighters and backgrounds. It will work the same wink

(I need to add that explanations on the page of BASTON)

After looking at your pack, I've noticed a lot of missing animations to characters, preventing them from standing out. I'm willing to edit some characters while crediting you for making them in the first place. Your backgrounds are decent for a fight scene, but might need some polishing to improve.

ooh i remember this yes yes i still have the characters in my baston folder