¡Buenos días!he regresado después de mucho tiempo(soy el de ¡Charmander para BASTON!de hace unos años)esta vez para traerles a el rey de los piratas,por el momento no tengo una idea clara para su personaje en combate,pero aquí traigo cuatro portraids para empezar1652580275_f_goku_nino_traje_escuela_tortuga_-_copia_2.png1652580311_f_goku_nino_traje_escuela_tortuga.png1652580338_f_goku_nino_traje_escuela_tortuga_-_copia.png1652580352_f_goku_nino_traje_escuela_tortuga_-_copia_3.png

Lo siento,me acabo de dar cuenta que luffy ya está en el juego  sad

Puedes hacer tu versión normalmente, no hay ningún problema!  big_smile


I suggest you focus on making his attacks short range in animation since there is no hitboxes that you can add. Also what arc are you using?

i see gear 2nd and 3rd but what's the forth portrait?
also nice love the art  big_smile

@Lego239 Thanks for the advice! I'm going to do it. I'm doing Luffy pre-timeskip (enies lobby arc)

@erans I actually forgot to say that! I think it would be a pre-gear 2 phase with a "more serious" combat style and with different things from the original

este es el primer diseño que le pienso dar a este personaje,si notan algo mal,por favor diganmelo para asi poder corrregirlo 1652633170_goku_-_copia.png

The legs on the sprite look too chunky. I do not see any sort of visible hair. His shoulders are too hunched up.

It's better this way?
¿Es mejor de esta forma?1652749857_goku_-_copia.png

Looks better than before, but needs some fixes.

Luffy does not wear pants. His hat can be adjusted to show the red cloth around it. And the shoulders are too close to his head.

id say its pretty good but maybe make his pose a little more dynamic instead of arm to body and leg to leg, maybe have his legs out and arms in dukes up position.  yikes either way that's some nice progress

can it be something like that?
puede ser algo asi?

I see the Luffy sprite in fighting pose.

Overall a very good design thus far.

yeah more like that but i think the arm is too long so i did a little edit 1652852112_1652821452_goku_-_copia_2.png